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Skin Flooding: Extreme Hydration Benefits & How to Do It

Skin Flooding: Extreme Hydration Benefits & How to Do It

Skin flooding is a skincare layering technique designed to deeply hydrate skin by using a specific application method that drenches dry and dehydrated skin in moisture.

The goal of skin flooding is to quench dry skin so completely that you visibly plump up fine lines for a dewy, smooth complexion. It can also be used as a night-time recovery treatment for parched, dry, chronically dehydrated skin. 

What is skin flooding?

This layering philosophy has its roots in traditional Korean and Japanese skincare rituals which use multiple applications of floral essences and flower waters to hydrate skin.

You flood skin by drenching it in hydration using several humectants like a hydrosol, glycerin-based toner, or floral essence, then locking in that moisture with a nourishing emollient & occlusive such as an oil serum and/or moisturizer.

This extreme quenching technique restores moisture to dry dehydrated skin and promotes cellular turnover by supporting natural exfoliation. With dry skin, dead cells tend to cling to the surface longer, making skin look dull and diminishing luminosity. After a time this can contribute to slower cell turnover as the skin is not getting the environmental signals it needs for cellular regeneration.

How to do skin flooding with TellurideGlow

My personal preference for this is as an evening treatment once or twice a week. 

However, if skin is especially dull and dry like during retinol use, you can add this technique to your daytime routine. 

Skin flooding is especially refreshing after an international flight or a day out in the elements.

Here’s how:

  1. Start with a freshly cleansed, still-damp face and neck.
  2. Spritz your face lightly (2-3 times) with a floral hydrosol, we love a good single-origin rose hydrosol for the many restorative properties of roses and the exquisite aroma. Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Apply 1-2 pumps of Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence. Pat the essence into your face and neck. Wait 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3. You can also use a glycerine-based toner. 
  5. Each layer you apply will take a bit longer to sink as your skin becomes more and more saturated with moisture after each application.
  6. Lock in all the hydration by pressing 1-2 pumps of Alpine Phytonutrient Serum or Purist Delicate Skin Serum to seal it all in. Avoid rubbing your skin to minimize any pilling.

Pro tip: Don't overdo it, some people recommend applying 10+ products to the skin but this is a waste because 2-3 products are all you need. Use higher quality products and fewer of them.

Remember, skin flooding is a treatment technique, you don’t need to do it every night, once a week is plenty for most.

Benefits of skin flooding

  • Plumps line lines
  • Gives skin a fresh dewy appearance
  • Restores luminosity and radiance
  • Boosy luminosity and radiance
  • Intensely hydrates dehydrated skin
  • Improves skin barrier health
  • Promotes skin renewal

Key points on skin flooding

As with every skincare routine, less is more. Use high-quality hydrating products that deliver meaningful hydration. Use it as a treatment, not as a substitute for your regular skincare routine. Enjoy!

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3-Step Evening Face Massage

3-Step Evening Face Massage

Studies have shown that facial massage improves collagen and elastin production. Regular massage helps boost circulation while reducing puffiness. 

Night time is optimal to apply restorative serums to skin as absorption won’t be blocked by makeup, environmental pollutants or worn away through the course of the day. 

Step 1: Cleanse with an oil cleanser

  • Before bed, cleanse your face with 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite oil-cleanser for 30-60 seconds.
  • Place a warm damp wash cloth on your face, then wipe away dirt and makeup. 

Step 2: Smooth away fine lines

  • Evenly distribute 1 teaspoon high-grade facial oil over your face. For dry skin choose almond or argan oil. For oily skin, jojoba oil and for sensitive skin use moringa oil.
  • Press your fingertips between your brows and gently slide them up your forehead toward your hairline. Repeat several times to cover your whole forehead.
  • Massage from the center of your face past your cheeks and toward your ears. Keep this up-and-out motion across your entire face and jawline.
  • Finish with gentle vertical strokes from collarbone upward along your neck.

Step 3: Apply serums 

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