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Our Founder


Living in the mountains for months at a time exposed founder, Mary Alice, to the depleting effects of living 9,000 ft closer to the sun in drier air and more extreme climate conditions.

When she felt the accelerated damage of her own skin, she set out to find a solution. When she couldn’t find one, she created it.

Deeply in love with the wildflowers that thrive on the mountainsides, she began the research that would eventually become the basis of TellurideGlow. She began, at first, creating an elixir for herself and friends. Results were visible and comments rolled in about how great their skin looked.

That’s when she decided that there was something to this magic. She made the choice to come out of retirement as a fashion executive to use her health degree, and training in organic cosmetic science, to work alongside a micro-formulation chemist and develop the original Alpine Oil.

The standards of utmost quality and efficacy were set, and after 30+ formulations, TellurideGlow was born.  

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