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“Currently voted No. 1 🥇 on my list of products that actually really TREAT your skin. (They're also super easy to use!) I simply adore their products!”

~ @moreturquoise

“I am a proud 61-year-old and when I get asked about my skincare regimen and favorite products, I always begin with TellurideGlow. Why? Because these products work!”

~ @lesleywolman

The Purist Delicate Skin Serum is one of the most hydrating serums that I've used. It's perfect for my sensitive skin too 👍🏻 I didn't even need to use moisturizer after applying the serum ☺️ ."

~ @evolving.50

“Yep. I’m getting my glow on with all-natural skincare from TellurideGlow. Just 2 simple steps every morning and evening leave my skin luminous. The Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence quenches, brightens, and firms. Followed by the Purist Delicate Skin Serum which balances, vitalizes, and hydrates my skin.”

~ @sasforshort

"I adore your serums, at 95, people are telling me I’m glowing!!❤️"

~ @ladyjaneavis

"This photo was taken 2 weeks before my 70th birthday! I never got compliments on my skin until I started using TG regularly. My skin drinks it up! Morning and night."



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