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Glow For Good

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TellurideGlow recovery skincare is all about adapting, recovering and thriving in all conditions, and so our favorite nonprofit, the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program. TASP provides outdoor adventure with specially adapted equipment to people who may have physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. We love enabling all people to enjoy the natural beauty of the Telluride region and become more active, productive members of their communities.

TellurideGlow is proud to have added the first kiddo specific bikes to their fleet of adaptive cycles. The Kids Wildcat Youth Hand Cycle was specially designed with hand cranks and is used by kids with limited use of their legs from spinal cord injuries, amputations, MS, stroke, cerebral palsy and spina bifida. This year we are providing specially adapted kayaks to share the thrill of water sports.

These challenging activities such as snow skiing, rappelling and ice climbing allow students to participate on an equal level with their family and friends in a safe, fun, outdoor environment. With every purchase of TellurideGlow products, you directly help us support this amazing program. Learn more about the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program here.

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