Botanically Vibrant Beauty™ 


Alpine-inspired skincare

for the discerning purist…

powerfully potent, active,

and absolutely clean, understandable ingredients

energized with high altitude botanicals

for healthier skin

and a sensory awakening experience



Luxe Facial Hydration

Aromatic wellness oil to use alone or with other products

as a foundation to nourish, hydrate and naturally illuminate the skin.

Organic, cold-pressed and steam-distilled, unprocessed botanical oils…

concentrated and strategically balanced for all skin types.

Powered by protective antioxidants,

with an abundance of omegas, essential fatty acids

and phytonutrients

to strengthen and plump dry skin, promote skin elasticity,

 and address visible skin concerns such as

 fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration

 without clogging pores.



The proof is in satisfied customers.
Over 150 five star reviews for Alpine Pure Oil in the first year.

Not one person has returned the product since we launched, with the most lenient return policy to be found:  any time, for any reason.

We want you to love your TellurideGlow experience.

Look forward to brighter, firmer, clearer and healthier skin in all climates.


TellurideGlow is a proud overachiever of pure, unadulterated skincare:

Cruelty Free

Gluten Free



No fillers

No artificial colors

No artificial fragrances

No synthetic chemicals

100% Vegan

Handmade in the USA

Sustainable production

Fair trade


Certified Organic when possible


All packaging is recyclable and shipped in repurposed materials

A portion of sales are donated to the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program,a non-profit dedicated to providing top quality therapeutic recreation to individuals with disabilities in order to promote independence and personal growth.





Alpine Pure Oil™ was strategically formulated to protect and nourish a variety of skin types, with balancing active botanicals to stabilize even oily and blemish prone skin. Tested in the harsh mountain climate of majestic Telluride by people who enjoy active outdoor lives, proving results for anyone wanting hydrated, clear and radiant skin.



Alpine Pure Oil™ is rich with nutrients, protective antioxidants, brightening vitamins, minerals and nourishing essential fatty acids. This amazingly absorbent organic oil is carefully sourced worldwide for the most effective, high performance ingredients, including precious Cloudberry Seed Oil, grown in mountain environments and containing the potent phenol antioxidant, ellagic acid, which research indicates has  calming properties.



Like Telluride, purity shines without controversial ingredients. Remaining in it’s purest form, luxurious Alpine Pure Oil™ is powerful yet virtually untouched by any questionable ingredients or processes. TellurideGlow was ranked #1 by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics Database in all categories and and participated in the Think Dirty Beauty Box, part of the App that empowers ingredient-conscious consumers to choose the safest beauty products.



Alpine Pure Oil is divinely aromatic, infused with 7 essential oils carefully chosen for their exceptional skin benefits.  Aromatherapy is a bonus that can be incorporated into each use. The fragrance is divine and unique to this product–warm, rosy, luminous, fresh…everything you might imagine an alpenglow sunset to be if it had a fragrance.



Alpine Pure Oil™ is artisan crafted with 24 of the world’s most nutrient rich botanicals, using certified organic, cold-pressed and unprocessed plant oils and flower essences.  Independent laboratory tested and hand-blended to include a little love in every bottle.




Morning and night after cleansing, warm a small amount between hands and breathe in deeply. Press and massage upwards into warm, damp skin until the oil is absorbed. Alpine Pure Oil does more than work wonders on your precious face; it can also treat parts of the body that need extra care.  Keep handy for aromatherapy and hydration benefits throughout the day and for travel.


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ALPINE PURE OIL INGREDIENTS: Golden Jojoba Oil*+, Virgin Coconut Oil*+, Rosehip Seed Oil*+, Argan Nut Oil*+, Baobab Seed Oil*+, Evening Primrose Oil*+, Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil+, Vitamin E Oil Natural, Pomegranate Seed Oil*+, Pumpkin Seed Oil*+, Cranberry Seed Oil*+, Plum Seed Oil+,  Moringa Seed Oil*+, Sea Buckthorn Oil*+, Tamanu Nut Oil*+, Arnica Montana Flower+, Mica. Essential Oils: Egyptian Geranium*, High Altitude Lavender*, Ylang Ylang Complete*, Neroli*, Frankincense*, Roman Chamomile*, Sweet Orange*+.

*Certified Organic           +Cold Pressed


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