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Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Oil Serum?


Someone recently told me she just tried an oil serum for the first time and thought, "Why haven't I done this before?"
It's pretty eye opening because you see immediate visible results, plus long term results if you have chosen a quality product. As with everything, there are many choices in price and quality.

“I looked for a product for my face for years, trying absolutely everything. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to your products.” -- Chris Char


● Use alone on clean skin for a light, natural glow.
● If you choose to use a skin cream (it may not be necessary), press into skin on top of the cream to seal in nutrients and moisture. Or blend 2 drops right into the cream.
● If you use our Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence, apply after the Essence. Or mix one pump Aspen Dew and one pump oil serum for a faster application.
● Refresh during the day by pressing a drop over makeup to create subtle highlights.
● Blend one pump into your Snow Rose Recovery Mask when mixing.


If you are new to oil serums, it is easy to assume you use the same amount as a cream, and therefore use too much. You conclude the product is just 'too greasy.'

But a good oil serum is waterless, making it very concentrated, and it shouldn't have fillers that take up space. Every ingredient should have a job to improve your skin health for improved skin tone and texture.

If the product imparts a greasy feel instead of a velvety feel, you may be 1. using more than necessary or 2. may need a different combination of ingredients. Our pump is calibrated to give most people what they need in one pump, so there is no guessing and no waste. Plus no spills from messy droppers.

Pump once onto the back of your hand, then dot it on the most needy parts of your face, neck and décolletage.

Press and massage in with upward strokes until you get a replenished, nourished, and silky feel.

If you just need a drop or two as mentioned above, barely press the pump and you'll get just the right amount.

If your skin is sensitive or reactive as mine is, The Purist may be the one for you. It's equally as potent as The Alpine with absolutely no irritants. I love it around the eyes to diminish the appearance of fine lines and provide ongoing nourishment and anti-aging benefits.


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