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We’ve got Allure! (Magazine)


We couldn't be happier about our recent mention in Allure magazine. Allure is known as the 'Beauty Bible' amongst nationally circulated titles, so there is not a more beauty focused magazine out there. And we love that we are sharing some space with the flawless J.LO! 

Take a peek at the March issue and see our signature Alpine Phytonutrient Serum in TipsnTrends


Our products were formulated together with an award winning micro-formulation chemist to build on my research and accreditation in Organic Cosmetic Science.

We transport raw plant energy from 14 alpine survivalist plants and source worldwide to provide the highest ratios and greatest variety of high altitude botanicals on the market. These potent plants are subjected to extremely low temperature and extremely high UV irradiation. Studies show that stressed plants synthesize higher concentrations of protective secondary metabolites (adaptogens) compared with plants growing in greenhouse conditions.

Our GLOWPromise sums up how we hold our company and our products to the highest possible standards to deliver better skin nutrition.

Thank you each and every one for your trust in Telluride Glow. Every step we take is because of you.

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