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18 Rules for Healthy Vibrant Skin After 40

18 Rules for Healthy Vibrant Skin After 40

If you’re over the age of 40, you’ve probably noticed the marked changes taking place in your skin.

From dryness, brown spots, and blotchy patches to fine lines and wrinkles, mature skin is not for sissies. These changes are a result of the physiological and structural shifts that happen to our skin as we age. 

The top layer of our skin gets thinner, thanks to collagen loss from UV exposure and genetics. It loses color because the number of pigment-containing cells or melanocytes, decreases. And we have reduced cell turnover which slows wound healing and skin recovery.

All of this is to say, that mature skin deserves special care. So, what can we do to take care of our changing skin?

Below we’ve compiled a list of 16 ways to support mature skin so it stays healthy and beautiful ...

18 rules for radiant, 40+ skin

  1. Keep your skincare simple and avoid overcomplicated routines. Choose fewer higher-quality products that deliver big results. Less is more with mature skin.
  2. Invest in a clean, results-driven serum that supports skin barrier function, nourishes depleted skin and helps shield against oxidative damage.
  3. Use a gentle cleanser twice a day. Oil cleansers are preferred as they clean without stripping. Avoid anything that leaves skin feeling “squeaky clean” or foaming cleansers, since both strip your skin of precious oils and moisture.
  4. Support underlying facial muscles through facial exercises, acupressure and gua sha massage. There are many great videos on how to do facial exercises on YouTube. Look for a facial rejuvenation expert to learn more, here's a favorite of ours @MargaretWebb.
  5. Use a silk pillowcase or sleep on your back to avoid getting permanent sleep wrinkles caused by hours spent pressing your face into a pillow.
  6. Take a high-quality Omega 3 supplement to improve the fatty acid composition of your skin and balance its inflammatory response. Our favorite is Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega however there are great flaxseed options available.
  7. Use a retinoid or retinol alternative at night. Our Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence contains Dew Bean, a botanical retinol alternative that provides many of the same benefits as prescription retinoids without any of the light sensitivity and irritation that comes with it.
  8. Wear sunglasses to reduce squinting which can lead to fine lines around the eyes. 
  9. Stop using products that sting or burn, this can lead to irritation and sensitive skin, especially in mature skin.
  10. If you smoke, stop. Smoking accelerates the signs of aging, especially around the mouth. And your lungs will thank you!
  11. Limit alcohol, alcohol dehydrates skin and interferes with the body’s natural detoxification processes leading to a dull, dry complexion.  
  12. Upgrade your sunscreen by using a non-nano mineral SPF sunscreen 30+ to protect against age spots and skin cancer. Makeup with SPF will not provide the same level of protection. Avoid toxic chemical sunscreen ingredients.
  13. Use warm (not hot) water on your face to avoid stripping precious natural oils and drying out your skin.
  14. Exfoliate weekly, maximum every 4 days. Choose a chemical exfoliant like lactic acid for delicate skin or a mechanical exfoliant like our Snow Rose Recovery Mask which can be used as a gentle scrub.
  15. Guard your sleep! When you're sleep-deprived, your body produces elevated levels of cortisol, which can lead to increased stress and inflammation in the body, causing unwanted effects on the skin including fine lines and wrinkles.
  16. Get your Vitamin D levels checked by your doctor. Vitamin D plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation. In contributes to skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism. 
  17. Monitor your hormone levels. Midlife is already challenging enough, don't let hormonal changes deplete your energy reserves. See a doctor who specializes in helping women navigate perimenopause and menopause.
  18. Mind your mindset! Stress can trigger an inflammatory cascade in the body leading to negative physiological and mental outcomes. Pay attention to your thoughts, for inspiration we love Peggy Pepper who champions positivity as a way of life.
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