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How to reinstate my customer account?

June 10, 2022 we switched our website platform in order to provide a better, faster, and more customer-friendly experience, and to allow us to provide more options to our customers. As a result of switching to the new system, the existing customer accounts need to be reinstated. Following are instructions on how to reinstate your customer account.

***In order to see the history from your previous account, you must use the email associated with that previous customer account and orders.***


Instructions to reinstate your TellurideGlow Customer Account:

      1. Fill out this form, and be sure to use the email address that was associated with your previous customer account and orders.
        1. Form link:
          1. Enter your first & last names
          2. Enter the email that was associated with your previous account and orders
          3. Enter a new password
          4. Click the ‘Submit’ button
      2. Check your email. 
        1. There should be an email from TellurideGlow with the subject line: ‘Customer account activation
      3. In the email click on the button/link that says ‘Activate your account’
        1. You will be redirected to your online account where you can see your order history and the shipping address we have on file for you. You can edit your shipping address as necessary. If your address is not shown you can enter it. If your order history is not shown do not worry, it should  update going forward.
        2. The next time you need to place an order, login to your account during checkout and the correct shipping address will be auto-populated for you.
          1. At checkout, after you enter your payment information, you will be given the option (check box) to save this payment information to your account, and this will be auto-populated for you as well on subsequent orders.
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