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Why Most New Year's Resolutions Fail (and how to fix them)

Why Most New Year's Resolutions Fail (and how to fix them)

Did you know, that the number one reason new year's resolutions fail is setting goals we can’t realistically commit to, and as a result, we don’t persist in these actions long enough for them to become habits?

According to psychology researchers, it takes on average 2 months before a new action becomes a habit (source).

What can you do to increase your chances of sticking with your goal and making it into a healthy habit?

Let’s use the example of incorporating a daily facial massage into your skincare routine to help smooth fine lines and help boost collagen production. Ideally, you're aiming for 15 minutes a day.

Instead of focusing on the desired time commitment (15 minutes per day), which can become difficult to maintain after a week or two, focus on committing to an easily achievable time goal for each day. 

Could you commit to 5 seconds of facial massage each day?

“But 5 seconds isn’t enough time to get the results I want,” You say.

The point is to make an easily achievable commitment that will allow you to keep up the action until it becomes a habit. If we focus on forming the habit first, the likelihood that you’ll be giving yourself a facial massage for longer than 5 seconds once it’s a habit is high.

The trick to achieving any goal is getting into a habit.

3 keys to make healthy skin a habit

1. Make it easy
  • Keep your skincare products within easy reach and in plain sight, for example, on your nightstand.
  • Set your favorite products to auto-replenish every few weeks so you don’t ever have to remember to reorder.
2. Focus on the process
  • For long lasting results, focus on developing a simple skin care routine that you can stick with over time. 
3. Make it a habit
  • Add it to an existing routine you already have. For example, if you style your hair every morning, apply your skincare right before you pick up your hairbrush.
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