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Skincare Tips for Skiing

Skincare Tips for Skiing

You may not notice the damage until you are off the slopes, but multiple elements victimize your complexion while you are enjoying alpine recreation. Wind, sun, cold, heat, and dryness at high altitudes create the perfect situation for chapped, depleted skin.  

A 2003 Journal of the American Medical Association study found that sun intensity increases about 6% to 9% for every 1,000 feet of elevation, and sun reflection off the snow increases your UV exposure.

And while sunscreen is essential, you need more for ultimate skin protection. In Telluride, Colorado, people get out and go!

Downhill, Nordic and heli-skiing, ice climbing, winter fly fishing, snowshoeing, or snowmobile cruising are part of the day.

Shield & recover

TellurideGlow recovery skincare was formulated precisely for the harsh mountain climate at 9,000ft above sea level. We gratefully embrace resort recreation but the downside is living with ongoing skin challenges. So we take extra care to replenish, nourish, and avoid accelerated aging from skin damage.

Before you hit the slopes

Start with a cleansing balm or oil-based face wash to avoid stripping the skin and to leave behind a hydrating film instead. We prefer 100% botanical formulas. Organic ingredients are less important in cleansers because they are not leave-on products.

Then apply two essential layers to lubricate your skin with as much moisture as you can to prevent dryness and irritation later.

First, pat on a quenching serum—Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence is loaded with moisture-binding hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and phytoceramides.

Top it off with a nourishing organic facial oil with barrier-strengthening plant lipids: The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum or The Purist Delicate Skin Serum both absorb like a dream, are equally high moisture performers, and the 100% whole plant, cold pressed botanicals to deliver better skin nutrition with unprocessed, soothing antioxidants that fight photo-aging all day long.

Both are formulated for the harsh alpine climate in Telluride, so they've been put to the test.


Finish with sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens provide a physical barrier and should be applied last. Our favorites include sunscreens without the controversial ingredient Oxybenzone, which is currently under consideration for removal by the FDA.

Try a moisturizing sunscreen like Supergoop's Unseen Sunscreen broad spectrum, 40 SPF that is water and sweat resistant and includes blue light protection. It's a favorite because there is no tint and the velvety consistency doubles as a primer.

Carry a portable stick with sunscreen for touch-ups on lips and nose, like mineral TIZO Tinted Lip Protection with SPF 45 and no Oxybenzone. Whichever sunscreen you shooce, be your own expert. And, did you know that chapstick with sunscreen has an expiration date? It's usually at the bottom of the tube. It may be time for some lip balm purging. 

Apres skiing

Refresh. Not much time between apres ski and dinner? Rub one drop of either Serum between the palms and press into the face. 100% of the ingredients have antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, and more so your skin microbes will flourish, even over makeup. Best of all, you'll see immediate plumpness and a dewy glow like you've been reading by the fire all day.

Spritz yourself like a house plant as often as possible. Look for hydrosols that are pure flower distillates like Bulgarian Rose Water. It is anti-inflammatory, balancing, and one more moisture boost. Make sure it's the real deal - steam distilled from fresh rose petal and not fragranced or perfumed water. Always note the expiration date with a hydrosol.

Recoup & relax

You may not want to hear this, but it is best to avoid chlorine-filled, skin-drying hot tubs. We swear by Epsom-salt baths, a private slice of heaven that works miracles to soothe tired muscles and prevent soreness the next day.

As tempting as it may sound, don't get the water too hot, as that alone may be drying. Work up to 2 cups of Epson per bath and soak for 20-40 minutes. Sound like a lot? Amazon's 4 lbs of unscented magnesium sulfate salts can be delivered to your door for less than $5.

Choose unscented Epsom salt because added 'fragrance' or 'perfume' can mean over 200 undisclosed scent chemicals, which may be irritating to your skin.

Reactions to Epsom salt baths may be from the fragrance chemicals, not the salt! You can always add a few drops of essential oil, or for that price, you can indulge with a pump of The Alpine into your bath for an aromatic botanical getaway with skin benefits.

Replenish with a face mask

TellurideGlow's ten-minute Snow Rose Recovery Mask with hydrating botanicals includes rose petals and Tremella (snow) mushroom to reveal luminous, soft, dewy, and polished skin. Your other products will work better on purified, exfoliated skin.

For extra nourishment, add a pump of either serum and follow with the essence and serum. Result? Skin perfection like you've stayed in for a day of pampering.

Note: Avoid the combo of Epsom salt with mask actives. But if you are not using bath salts, a mask in the tub is the perfect way to relax and remove the mask by exfoliating with wet hands. 

Don't have ten minutes? Mix mask powder with water for a quick facial scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and breakouts.

Skincare before bed

Use the same two TellurideGlow steps (Essence and one Serum) as the morning ritual, so no need to pack extra products. Just two products, morning and night for everything your complexion needs to defend, recover and radiate.

Return home from your skiing vacation like you've come from a spa retreat. If you are new to TellurideGlow, you can try our beautiful luxe minis for the full spa experience, or pack a couple in your carry on for travel.

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