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Cleansing With Oil: A Basic Formula

Cleansing With Oil: A Basic Formula

We all know winter is harsh on skin. From icy temperatures to moisture wicking winds, cold weather can leave skin feeling extra dry and irritated.

In addition to protecting your skin barrier with a restorative serum like our Alpine Phytonutrient Serum or Purist Delicate Skin Serum, switching to an oil based cleanser is an easy winter skincare tip with big benefits.

Oil cleansing both hydrates and balances the skin’s pH by replenishing the fatty acids essential to skin health without stripping or drying.

Traditional cleansers are often too harsh, especially in cold weather when skin is more susceptible to dryness, cracking and chapping.

Read on for a simple cleansing oil formula, our gift to you!

Although you can definitely oil cleanse with just one oil type, a balanced mix of oils can really bring wonders to your skin.

Every oil has a unique fatty acid profile, which donates exclusive properties to the oil. While some oils might have similar properties, other oils might lack something you can complement with another oil.

Choosing ingredients

Choose high-quality, cold-pressed oils that have not been bleached, deodorized or obtained by chemical extraction methods.

Select unrefined and organic oils that are meant to be used on the skin, rather than food-grade oils.

The basics

There are three parts to this formula: a cleansing oil, a carrier oil, a luxury oil, and an optional essential oil.

If you prefer to buy a cleanser, look for 100% plant oils, no mineral oil, no fillers, and no castor oil (which can be drying).


We recommend hazelnut oil for the cleansing base as it contains tannins, which are powerful antioxidants. The tannins in hazelnut oil make it astringent which can help balance oily skin, cleanse and shrink pores, and remove bacteria. The only downside to hazelnut oil is a possible nut allergy.

Essential oils are optional but add a spa-like experience to the cleansing ritual. If you have sensitive skin you may want to skip them.

Simple formula for an oil cleanser:

Buy an 8-ounce, dark glass pump container. This makes application a breeze and keeps contaminants out. (All found on Amazon. Feel free to use brands of your choice).


3 ounces Cleansing oil: Hazelnut (12-ounce bottle)

3 ounces Carrier oil: Sweet almond oil (12-ounce bottle)

2 ounces Luxury oil: Baobab oil (2-ounce bottle)

(Optional) 20 drops or ⅓ teaspoon essential oil. Lavender, geranium, neroli, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and rose are some of our favorites.


Whisk oils together until well blended. Using a funnel, pour into your pump container.

The 12-ounce bottles above will give you four, 8 oz batches.


Massage 1/2 teaspoon liberally into the skin. Wring out a warm wet cloth and lay it over your face, then wipe off with the same cloth until all makeup and dirt are gone.

Essential oils are especially nice here because the aroma is released with the heat. (Don’t worry, the oil easily comes out of the cloth in the wash!)

Follow with Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence and either The Purist Delicate Skin or The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum.

We hope you enjoy this simple oil cleansing formula.

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