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Your Skin's Microscopic Allies: The Importance of a Healthy Microbiome

Your Skin's Microscopic Allies: The Importance of a Healthy Microbiome

Your skin acts as a barrier, protecting you from harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. But you're not alone in this fight!  Microscopic organisms like bacteria, fungi, and mites live on your skin's surface, forming a protective layer called the microbiome.

This microbiome is a living ecosystem that works in harmony with your immune system. The good bacteria in your microbiome fight off bad bacteria, ward off invaders, and help keep your skin healthy. It's like a tiny army at the frontlines of your skin's natural defenses.

Why a balanced microbiome matters

Having a healthy balance of good bacteria in your microbiome is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. When this balance is disrupted, it can lead to problems like:

Leaky skin: This occurs when the skin barrier weakens, allowing moisture to escape and irritants to enter. This can cause dehydration, inflammation, and conditions like acne, eczema, and accelerated aging.

Sensitive skin: Many people experience sensitive skin, which can be caused by a weakened microbiome. This is especially common as we age, due to a natural decrease in the skin's moisturizing factors.

Our commitment to microbiome health

At Telluride Glow, we understand the importance of a healthy microbiome. That's why nearly 100% of our ingredients have properties that support your skin's natural defenses.

These ingredients are:

Antimicrobial: Fight harmful bacteria

Antiseptic: Repell germs and bacteria

Anti-inflammatory: Fight inflammation

Anti-fungal: Ward off fungal invaders

Antiviral: Fight viruses

Antibacterial: Deter bad bacteria

Antioxidants: Shield skin from free-radical damage

We are proud to offer products formulated to support and nourish your skin's microbiome, promoting overall skin health.

Science backs our approach

A Wall Street Journal article highlights the importance of microbiome health in skincare. They explain that a healthy microbiome is essential for a strong skin barrier, which helps retain moisture, fight infection, and reduce inflammation.


"When the microbiome is lacking in good bacteria, the skin’s barrier function is compromised. Leaky skin becomes dehydrated, and all those irritants and allergens and pollutants and pathogens are able to penetrate and trigger inflammation. Inflammation can manifest in various ways, showing up as acne, eczema, or accelerated aging." Wall Street Journal

"Leaky skin,"a term similar to "leaky gut" which describes increased intestinal permeability in the digestive system, allows moisture to escape and irritants to enter, causing a variety of skin problems.

Telluride Glow: supporting your skin's natural defenses

Our products, like The Purist Delicate Skin Serum, are designed to address the needs of reactive, sensitive skin and skin that has a compromised microbiome.

Telluride Glow products go beyond just helping your skin recover. They provide natural, plant-based ingredients that actively support your skin's microbiome, the foundation of healthy skin.

By using Telluride Glow products daily, you can feel confident that you're not just getting a beautiful complexion, but also helping your skin stay healthy in the long run.

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