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What Can You Do In 60 Seconds?


I've always liked the idea of a stimulating facial massage to lift and revitalize the appearance of of the skin.

But I knew I would not commit to anything that made my skin care routine even minutes longer.


gua sha stoneI've been experimenting with a various tools and discovered the mushroom shaped gua sha stone used in traditional Chinese beauty practices, hand carved specifically for the face. The unique shape allows better control over pressure, so you can cover your entire face in seconds, releasing tension in your jaw and stimulating lymphatic drainage.

I have enjoyed mine so much that I've added it to our Beauty Tools. I've chosen an exceptional quality, hand carved opal crystal for two reasons: I love the unique holographic look and feel of opal, and opal is from highly vibrational blue sodalite.

This effective treatment will smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and help to visibly firm the facial contours while awakening skin’s natural glow. When used around the eyes, it helps reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness.


● Smooth upwards from the center of the face outwards to the hairline to encourage circulation, and around the eyes to diminish the look of dark circles and puffiness.
● Use after cleansing for a stimulating massage, then again with the Purist or the Alpine for deeper penetration of the serum.
● It can be kept in the fridge for a cooling effect.
● Treat yourself to a neck massage!
● You'll feel the stimulation linger after the massage is complete.

Blue Sodalite is a stone that is known to encourage harmony and restore peace and inner tranquility, releasing fears and tensions.



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