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15 Surprising Facts About Natural Skincare

15 Surprising Facts About Natural Skincare

Telluride Glow is the honest ‘whole package’ of nutritional skincare, making it as close as you can get from the plant to your skin.

Let's compare ‘apples to apples.’

Dig deeper!

Looking closer at natural brands will ensure you are getting what you are paying for, meaning real results. But 'greenwashing' in marketing cleverly works to convince us that all-natural products are equal. 'Natural' is probably the most misunderstood word in the beauty industry.

Greenwashing is so common that it has a Wikipedia definition. "Greenwashing, also called "green sheen", is a form of marketing spin in which green PR and green marketing are deceptively used to persuade the public that an organization's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly."   

Organic beauty

Not all organic (plant) ingredients are certified organic.

Why is organic certification important? Without regulation, pesticides may be used in farming, and those can be absorbed into the skin.

It's astonishing that some high-end $$ botanical skincare lines do not use certified organic ingredients!

Certification also guarantees that the plants are non-GMO. You'll find certified organic ingredients noted with an asterisk* on the full ingredient panel.

Some brands use organic ingredients, but only as a small percentage of the total ingredient list. The term 'with organic' is allowed as a descriptive term on secondary panel labeling, even if only one ingredient is from a plant. 

TellurideGlow (TG) serums at 96% meet the percentage requirements for the USDA Organic Seal, and the Aspen Dew Essence at 85% meets the USDA "made with organic' 70% percentage requirement.

“I have really enjoyed the products and can see and feel a difference in my 53-year-old skin. Even my aesthetician has noticed a difference.“ ~Catherine H.

Green beauty

Some brands use botanical ingredients, but they are compromised when engineered into completely new, unrecognizable ingredients.

TG uses whole plant, unprocessed botanicals, which are more bioavailable to the skin, resulting in better absorption of plant nutrients, especially antioxidants.

Some brands use botanical ingredients, but they are processed with destructive heat, chemicals, and bleach.

TG uses cold-pressed ingredients, a more costly process, and also cold formation during manufacturing to preserve the delicate nutrients from the plants.

Processing procedures won't be found on the box, so here is where you have to trust your brand.

Some brands use harsh chemical preservatives and questionable, potentially harmful ingredients. 

Most natural companies typically tout five to six omitted ingredients, whereas TG has a banned list of over 2,000 ingredients!

Some brands claim to be sustainable but only in reference to packaging. Sustainability also applies to ingredients and strict farming procedures that protect the soil.

TG spends months verifying every ingredient with farming operations and documentation before including the Environmentally Conscious icon.

100% of our plant ingredients are sustainable!

“I really do love your products. They’ve made an enormous difference in my life. Jai Baghwan.” ~ Breanne 

High elevation alpine plants

Some brands use Alpine ingredients, but use the same three to five ingredients in every formula, like salt and pepper.

TG has a repertoire of 14 alpine ingredients customized to each formula. 

Some brands use Alpine ingredients, but only in very small ratios. 

TG sources worldwide to provide the highest ratios and greatest variety of cytoprotective high-altitude botanicals on the market.

Why are we so keen on plants that grow up high?

Because they are some of the most potent, high-performance plants anywhere.


Some brands feature 'wildcrafted' ingredients... but what are those exactly?

There is no definition of wildcrafted by the FDA or the US Department of Agriculture. Wildcrafted is a marketing term that could mean foraging, but it could also mean farming, and not necessarily organic.

Think about the reality of using foraged ingredients...could a manufacturer count on ample supply from unpredictable foraging in fields and forests?

TG believes wildcrafted plants are a second choice and uses them when plants cannot be farmed organically.

For example, cloudberry fields grow on slopes in Arctic regions, and acai berries grow similarly in Nepal. Both are not conducive to farming.


Some brands use clear bottles, which are susceptible to light deterioration by UV rays reducing product efficacy.

TG uses dark glass containers to keep out damaging light. TG mainly uses airless pump tops to keep the product pristine.


Not all skin products are laboratory tested or have an expiration date. Lab testing is not required by the FDA.  

TG uses third-party laboratory testing for safety and stability and includes the PAO (open jar symbol) with the number of months indicating freshness once opened.

Many brands use stock formulas and only tweak them to suit their marketing message.

All TG formulas are custom-formulated by an award-winning micro-formulation chemist, and all are proprietary.


Some brands feature Key Ingredients but are often in small amounts. Locate the key ingredients on the full Ingredient panel and see where it stands.

Ingredients are listed from highest to lowest amounts.

Note:  Essential Oils contain fragrance allergens and should only be used in small amounts, so those should be toward the end. 

TG has several key ingredients in each formula and in significant amounts.

Some brands do not post the full ingredient list on their website, listing only the key ingredients. What are they hiding?

TG is proud of every ingredient, so posting is boasting!

Telluride Glow has formulated, packaged, and manufactured to the highest industry standards in botanical beauty, making our products trustworthy, and most importantly, effective.

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