Why Our High Altitude Ingredients Are A Big Deal

Why Our High Altitude Ingredients Are A Big Deal



We are such believers in the difference of high elevation botanicals that we source worldwide for the most potent alpine ingredients, then provide the highest ratios and the greatest variety of these cytoprotective botanicals on the market.

What does that mean? Instead of sprinkling in the same 3-5 ingredients in every formula like salt and pepper, we customize 14 high altitude plants and use them in significant amounts to provide unsurpassed recovery skincare.

“I can’t remember who gave me my first Telluride Glow product, only that the results amazed me and I knew I was hooked.” ~ Christine



High elevation botanicals produce powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and UV defenses to thrive in extreme climates. The air is cleaner, the soil undisturbed, and powerful secondary metabolites are produced to ward off pests and environmental aggression with some of the most beneficial plant composition on the planet.


The highest performing plants are not necessarily in Telluride. We don’t want to limit the effectiveness of our formulas, so we use plants surviving extreme environments of the Himalayas, Nepal, the Swiss Alps, arctic Scandinavia, Albania, USA alpine meadows, the Bulgarian Balkans and the Andes to provide maximum defensive phytonutrients and skin beautifying nutrients.


The same environments that wreak havoc on our skin also produce the best plants to heal. Telluride Glow taps into these adaptive strategies to meet our mission of nourishing and protecting against dehydration, free radical damage, sensitivities, and signs of premature aging.


““I came out of retirement to research the highest performing ingredients to be found, regardless of cost, to solve my own skin problems that came from living in the harsh Telluride climate alongside intense sun, wind, low humidity and less oxygen. The research kept pointing to highly stressed alpine plants as some of the most potent nutrients on the planet.”


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