Morning and night after cleansing, warm a small amount between hands and breath in deeply. Gently press and massage upward over warm damp skin, working outward until the oil is absorbed. If you use serums, hydrosols or toners, apply those prior to the oil.


“I love the fragrance and the silkiness of It! Such an incredible “multipurpose” product.”


Smooth over eyebrows to condition and tame.




Massage oil into face and neck.


Place a warm steamy cloth over face to release aromatherapy and melt off makeup and grime.


Wipe face and neck with same warm damp cloth until clean.


“For a woman who has never liked to use a multitude of products on her skin and suffers from severe sensitivities, Alpine Pure Oil has proven itself to me. It does not irritate. It nourishes and smoothes. It’s one-stop-shopping in an easy to use and easy to carry bottle.”




To remove dead skin cells from the face, mix Alpine Pure Oil with organic coconut sugar and gently massage for super soft smooth skin on your body, face and lips.




For an instant glow, press a few drops over your makeup.

Blend with your moisturizer, sunscreen or foundation for visible radiance.




Keep a bottle in the kitchen or bathroom to moisturize hands and cuticles.


“I have 1 bottle on the second floor and 1 bottle on my kitchen desk ….I use it multiple times a day!!!”




Apply to damaged ends before shampooing for a conditioning treatment.


Calm frizzies with just a drop or two before or after blow-drying.


“I have been using TellurideGlow now for over a month and absolutely love it! The aroma alone helps me relax and unwind. I love that I an effortlessly clean my makeup off with it at night and moisturize, too! No more six step programs! My hands have been more smooth than they ever were using lotion. I’m definitely hooked! Thank you for sharing TellurideGlow with me!”




Any time you need calming moments, pump a small amount into palms, and breathe deeply. Repeat 4 to 5 times.


The strategically formulated scent inspires feelings of soothing relaxation.


Keep it in your tote, dab your palms, and take a few breaths…wherever, whenever, and as often as you’d like.
Warning: addictive (in a good way)




A few drops of Alpine Pure Oil on damp skin will give your entire body a healthy glow.


Mix it in with your favorite lotion or use directly, especially on rough patches and callused  areas, like elbows and heels.


Use alone or under shave cream or alone for a smooth shave. For men in particular, condition your face with a pump of Alpine Pure Oil post-shave to help prevent razor burn.