This Quiet Superstar Keeps Skin Vibrant.


Loving the outdoors and being active doesn’t have to take a toll on your skin. The winter wind, the effects of sun exposure, pollution, the lack of moisture in the air is no match for nutrient-packed Edelweiss, our superstar ingredient hand-harvested from the Swiss Alps twice a year. The magic of high-performance Edelweiss in our Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence is its ability to ward off the effects of the environment, no matter where you live.


TellurideGlow High Recovery Skincare seeks out the highest grade performance ingredients. You won’t find Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) in all mountain regions, and you won’t see it as a common skincare ingredient. Collection in the wild is prohibited in most countries, and it is closely protected to avoid endangerment. Edelweiss is of Asian origin that settled in the mountains of Europe and arctic regions of the world during glacial periods of the planet, and is found predominantly in the highest mountain areas of Europe and Asia. As for Telluride, if you are lucky, there have been rare sightings of this remarkable plant above 13,000 feet.


Known for its high-elevation survival, this rare, short-lived mountain flower is closest to the sunflower family and is associated with the Alps, often called “Noble White” or “Snow Flower”. But the power of this beauty goes deeper than just pretty blooms. 

Adapting to high elevations includes protecting itself from ultraviolet exposure at the highest peaks of Europe by producing significant antioxidants that thwart oxidation caused by UV rays. 

These botanical powerhouse components help provide antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory defenses for the skin.  Natural phytochemicals such as Chlorogenic acid, Luteolin, Bisabolane derivatives, and beta Sitosterol, subsequently assist in improving the appearance of wrinkles and aged and/or irritated skin. 

The Edelweiss flower demonstrates free radical scavenging properties with twice the antioxidant activity as that of popular Vitamin C!

Together with perfect ratios of other skin-perfecting actives, Aspen Dew with Edelweiss visibly firms and assists in brightening, plus incredible moisture balance while keeping skin-damaging free radicals at bay. 

Love the Aspen Dew! My first use was after applying the mask. Wowee! I had forgotten how dramatic the results can be after just one use! The mask alone makes a huge difference as far as surface texture and brightening. And the subtle scent is amazing. But add the Dew and it’s a game-changer. ~ Stacy


Think of extremophiles as the Olympic athletes of plants.  They continually train harder and perform better than the average plant, and the results are more profound.

TellurideGlow believes wholeheartedly in the concentrated, high-potency properties of alpine botanicals and delivers results with some of the industry’s greatest concentrations of nutrients from 13 fortifying alpine survivalist plants.

Alpine plant power is at the heart of every TellurideGlow creation, formulated with the highest ratios and greatest variety of cytoprotective alpine botanicals on the market for unsurpassed skin revival.


Look closer and you’ll see that the beautiful Edelweiss grows dense hair over its leaves and flower, like a little fuzzy snow hood, to help protect itself against the harsh environment where it thrives so beautifully. So clever!

Adapting to survive, extremophiles produce secondary metabolites that provide cytoprotective properties that also feed your skin with vitamins necessary for vibrant aging. These phytonutrients withstand brutal winter climates then repel pests, fungi, and intense UV radiation in the summer growing season.  

Aspen Dew’s custom formulation delivers the benefits of these plants’ powerful response to stress right to your cells to help protect them from the stress from your own environment.


Sustainable sourcing is an important topic in today’s botanical skincare and an important part of the Telluride GLOWPromise.  

Edelweiss is cultivated in high alpine areas in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and the flower is cut only partially while the stems and roots of the plant are left untouched until a second cut later in the year. After the snowy winter, the cycle is repeated to ensure the vitality of the plant remains intact, as is the ground it grows from.

See what this highly adaptive flower can do to illuminate your skin with our Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence.  Inspired by the shimmering aspens surrounding Telluride, Colorado, this is a luxurious hybrid between a micro-serum and a skin conditioner, delivering quadruple humectants for a dewy glow. Niacinamide (B3), Phytoceramides, Aloe Vera and micro-molecular Hyaluronic acid meld with Edelweiss and other regenerating alpine plant actives in a weightless veil for deep, progressive hydration and defense against premature signs of aging.It stands alone beautifully, or pair with The Alpine or Purist serums for amplified skin recovery.

And now you can try Aspen Dew and all TellurideGlow products with our new Minis Program

Quench, brighten, firm and defend. What could be better for your skin health?


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