TellurideGlow is from a place of majestic mountains, bluebird skies, and shimmering gold aspens.  If there is any downside to living in this paradise called Telluride, Colorado, it is the high altitude, intense sun and seriously dry climate that take a dramatic toll on the skin.


Solution: through meticulous botanical science research extending over two years, and serious commitment to developing a therapeutic, results-driven product for this brutal climate, Alpine Pure Oil was born.


With a degree in Health, I’ve had a lifelong interest in wellness.  As a past President of a NYC fashion company, I’ve had a passion for beauty. How did that come together? Healthy skin is beautiful skin. It’s that simple.


TellurideGlow® developed as a business rather unintentionally late in life. After spending 20 years vacationing in Telluride, and loving it more with each visit, I was fortunate enough to retire part time to this historic mining town mecca/ski resort in 2013.


Retirement took a detour as I struggled to find..then create…a moisturizer that could also offer clarity, rejuvenation, and protection against environmental toxins.



The research junkie in me couldn’t help but dive deeper into the controversial subject of natural vs. synthetic ingredients in skin care.


I found different versions of the same facts regarding the effects of harmful chemicals, synthetics, and preservatives and became interested in the cumulative effects these chemicals have on our systems.


Ultimately, I concluded it’s better to use a product that contains no synthetic chemicals at all – especially when they have no skincare benefits.


With an understanding of marketing from a second degree in Public Relations, I weeded through a lot of greenwashing (marketing that gives the appearance of naturally sourced products) and searched for products where 100% of the ingredients would contribute to real results for vibrant aging, but seemed to find very few authentically pure and effective products that met the standards I envisioned.




If the foregone miners of Telluride could complete their mission of finding pure gold, I felt I could figure out the gold standard formula for skin hydration. I put my brain and hands to work and begin the quest for the highest level of raw purity available. It also had to smell heavenly.

Soon I found myself an alchemist, formulating using the most active, luxurious botanicals available worldwide, then shared with friends along the way.




Having worked with tens of thousands in fashion who care about appearance, I understand expectations of discerning women.


I wanted a formula that was equivalent to 5 star gourmet skin cuisine. It had to be elegant, yet powerful to stand up to the harshest climate conditions found anywhere.


I consulted with botanical chemists and aromatherapists, started the two year journey of learning about organic science, toxicology, and the art of formulation, natural preservation, blending fragrance notes, and seriously worked on ingredient benefits, precautions, and certified organic sourcing.


I became a mad scientist in goggles and gloves working with my beakers through scores of formulations and testing with hundreds of real users. The formula was improved 28 times over two years from product testing and honest feedback.




The result was one extraordinary solution that was perfect for all skin types.  Fresh, clean skin hydration powered by protective antioxidants. This rich blend of 24 botanicals satisfies anyone seeking hydrated, clear, radiant skin….with a soothing aromatic boost.


Every time I thought it was time to get back to retirement, I had more requests for that ‘magic oil’.


As demand spread, I decided to offer it online and in spas and boutiques in Telluride….then several high-end cosmetic specialty stores, hotels and spas across the United States.


TellurideGlow® Alpine Pure Oil began to create chatter among skin enthusiasts.


Finally, after independant laboratory testing for safety and stability with stellar results, online sales were launched in 2016.

TellurideGlow® Alpine Pure Oil continues to be handcrafted in micro-batches with raw, cold-pressed, unrefined, certified organic ingredients.  


I love my new skin and how it stands up to the rugged mountain climate, and found through reviews that it’s equally as fabulous in all climates.


This is the best time of my life. I’ll happily embrace where I am to be a positive example for younger people, as well as anyone chasing dreams.


I felt it was equally important to further the positive impact and mission of this company by giving back a potion of annual sales to the nonprofit Telluride Adaptive Sports program.  Learn more by clicking here.


I hope you’ll grow with me on this journey. All experts start out as novices, so if you have a vision, immerse yourself!


I have to give credit to the many supportive individuals and businesses who’ve helped me to redefine retirement.  New knowledge, new relationships, new self-awareness regarding the next chapter in my life…all compliments of God, of course.


After all this, what most excites me is for you to experience the amazing results and benefits that TellurideGlow® Alpine Pure Oil has to offer.  I’d love to hear from you!