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Alpine Pure Oil is definitely a masterpiece--and I've seen and tested a LOT of skincare products.
~Nath Fedorova, Beauty Calypse, Berlin
I’m a licensed master aesthetician in two states (DC, VA). I’ve been in this industry a long time and I’ve used a lot of products. This oil is truly a standout. Yours is so beautiful and wholesome, and it delivers! My skin looks amazing, if I do say so myself. I’ve always taken care of it, but now I have an extra (Telluride) Glow. Thank you! ~ Donna Pavone
I live half the time in Breckenridge and half the time on the Gulf coast and suffer from really dry skin from all the years in the sun. Being a REAL senior citizen I have spent way too much money on every expensive face cream for years! Well, the TellurideGlow oil is incredible. I have only been using two days and I can tell I am going to be wanting more. It has taken my face from almost 70 back to 50!! Also, the fastest shipping ever! Thanks so much!

I went to the Dermatologist and he said my skin looked really good asked what I’ve been using so I told him about Alpine Pure. He was quite impressed with the results and said to continue to use it and never stop! I’ve been using Alpine Pure for about 4 months and I can truly tell a difference in my skin. I just turned 40 and the wrinkles on my forehead have completely diminished since I’ve been using the oil. I’m really impressed with this product! ~Brook Kinsley
I love this oil! The soothing feel, the soft aroma, and the fact that it works all add up to a great product. For a woman who has never liked to use a multitude of products on her skin and suffers from severe sensitivities, Alpine Pure Oil has proven itself to me. It does not irritate. It nourishes and smoothes. It's one-stop-shopping in an easy to use and easy to carry bottle. Thank you for keeping it simple and beautiful. ~ Sue Grun
One month of use and results are amazing. Face is clear and no longer dry. Smells wonderful. I'm sold. Love it! ~ Joy
Went to get a facial last week and the aesthetician said she didn't need to recommend any other product because my skin looked great ❤❤. I apply my oil 3 pumps twice a day. ~ Kandy M.
This oil is more than a powerhouse of ingredients. For someone like me who loves the scents and textures of products, this Oil is a dream. I prefer it on my night time routine for the calming and relaxing aroma of lavender and neroli. I warm a few drops on my hands and inhale the goodness before applying. The oil absorbs well and plays with other layering products nicely. I wake up with hydrated, glowing skin every time and that says a lot this time of year when the heaters are on making the air so dry.
I'm a late bloomer and sometimes resistant to change. I started using Alpine Pure Oil on my neck this summer instead of my very expensive neck cream and loved the way it felt and looked! I have lots of sun damage on my neck and face and nothing is really able to lighten the dark spots. After loving the way my neck was feeling and looking I finally started using it on my face, too, but still wasn't all in to use it every day. We just took a trip and I didn't take any other products to use! Going to bed last night I used my old retinal night cream and hated the way my skin felt and had horrible bags under my eyes! I'm done with other products! I'm finally a 💯 % convert! Oh, and I feel like my sun spots are beginning to fade as well! Thanks for all your diligence.`` -Jana
This magic potion keeps my skin glowing despite the crazy cold spell we are having. Alpine Pure Oil is a blend of pure botanical oils that smell amazing and is a total treat for your skin. I pat one pump of it over my face and neck. If there’s any excess I rub it into my cuticles or into the ends of my hair. I’ve been using this Oil for a year and a half ... it’s become a staple for me all year round. If I’m going away for just a few nights I use it for everything... make up remover, moisturizer and even body oil. ~ Elizabeth R.
I am overwhelmed with the reactions others have been noticing about my ``glow``... from the East Coast slopes to Telluride, I cannot thank you enough. From my heart to yours, Namaste.
I’m amazed at my skin during this frigid weather! My skin never hurts anymore. In the past, I have hydrated to the max, “moisturized” and supplemented my body during the winter but still had that “winter face feeling.
After a recent trip to the Bahamas I returned with a face that was starting to peel. No matter how much sunscreen I applied it didn’t seem to be enough. I was dreading having to return to work with a peeling face that foundation just won’t cover. I decided to skip my normal face routine and use TellurideGlow. I was shocked when I woke up the next morning. My face was smooth, completely hydrated, and glowing! I knew I like this product before but now I love it! ~ Ashley Malcom
TellurideGlow has been a favorite of mine for a while now. It really captures the beauty of living in Telluride and my skin LOVES it!” Lifestyle Influencer Marla Meridith
People have told me lately that I seem to be glowing--the secret is my daily use of your Alpine Pure Oil. I love the consistency, the fresh clean smell, and of course--the results. Not only has it given my skin a huge boost in feel and appearance, the compliments have boosted my self-confidence. I'm just about to re-order!
~Peggy, 66
I just received my beautifully packaged oils and am so grateful for the craft, love and passion you are serving. Your product is stellar and your purpose is felt. Thank you so much! Blessings and gratitude.
I can’t go without this! I’ve noticed lately that my nails are not breaking and they’re a LOT stronger. This is coming from a person who ALWAYS had weak nails and can never grow them past 1 millimeter 😔...I can only attribute it to the Alpine Pure Oil ... because I rub the excess into my hands after using it on my face and neck!
Wanted to tell you how much I am loving my TG. My cheeks were so dry this winter and I started using TG in the morning and at night and it has made all the difference! Not sure if it’s wishful thinking, but I also feel like the fine lines on my forehead aren’t as noticeable!
... described as having an “insanely uplifting aromatic blend.`` ~ Wonderlusting after choosing TellurideGlow’s Alpine Pure as one of the Best Performing Products of 2017
I wish I had know about this sooner. Before TellurideGlow I thought face oils were only for night time, but I 100% recommend using this one morning and/or night. It doesn’t leave you looking greasy, but moisturized and supple. ~ Lauren
I'm totally obsessed with this facial oil. It is full of essential oils and nourishes the face so much, especially in this dry, cooler air. ~ Lauren Scruggs
I really do think Alpine Pure Oil is doing wonders for my skin! People at work say I look great post-surgery and I know it’s the oil. I am hooked! ~ Kristen H.
People stop me on the street to compliment me on my skin. I tell them they need to discover TellurideGlow. ~ Edie, 67
This magical multi-tasker has been a lifesaver in this crazy cold winter. I first raved about this a year and a half ago, and my opinion hasn’t changed.
Just received my third order of TellurideGlow’s Alpine Pure Oil...a Little magical potion in a little blue bottle! ❤ Thank’ve created an amazing product and I’m tickled to call myself a TellurideGlow Lifer! ~Cindy
Ready for the Best of Beauty awards, announcing next month. One of the next blogs I have lined up is all about TellurideGlow Alpine Pure Oil - a supBiteableBeauty! er multitasker which smells fab to boot! BiteableBeauty
Get your GLOW ON! No kidding, I love this stuff! Not only is it smooth going on your skin, it smells SO fresh, you just know it’s gotta be healthy. Fantastic before make-up. And fantastic as a night moisturizer. I’ve started using it on my hands and all the way up my arms to my dry elbows. My heels are much happier too! It soaks right in and really does make your skin glow. A little goes a long way too. My husband loves it too, after a shave. This is the best all around moisturizer I’ve used in years! Had to give it my glowing endorsement.
Can’t go without TellurideGlow! Since I have replace my moisturizer with the heavenly Alpine Pure Oil, I have received numerous compliments on my skin and how young I look! Wonderful scent and not greasy oil; absorbs beautifully!
~Lee Ann
I had my reservations when I was first introduced to TellurideGlow. Oil on my face? Won’t I break out? That was the first and last time I ever had that thought. I use it every day and every night and my skin has never looked healthier. I love the way it smells, feels on my skin and how it gives me peace of mind putting something on that is free of all the chemicals and toxins. Your oil will always be a staple in my skin care regiment.
~Betsey, 33
Yesterday my daughter told me how much younger my neck looks! Told her that it was your product. Love the oil!
I love this Oil so much! I've been trying it on my skin consistently for my true and honest opinion. Verdict is in and I can't say enough good things about it! It hydrated my very dry skin so well. It leaves it feeling smooth/soft and looking healthy! I use it once before bed (more generously) and one in the morning (sparingly). I've found that the all natural ingredients give my face an even tone and calms redness. It also absorbs into the skin nicely and it just FEELS so good.
Kuddos to an awesome product! I love how my skin looks and feels! Patty Bellinger
Just ordered my fourth bottle! ~ Leslie
I told a friend about TellurideGlow's Intense Skin Hydration and she called me after her trip to a plastic surgeon today and the nurse asked her what she was using on her skin since it looked so dewy and beautiful!!!
I gave it to a friend as a gift and she was so excited because the ladies at her work complimented her skin and wondered what she was doing differently. She said that was the first compliment she had received in several years due to chemotherapy, etc. She was beaming! Just thought I would share with you.
~P. Eddins
I have been using the oil for around 3 weeks. It has become as essential to my daily routine as my toothbrush. I apply it at least three times a day often more. The skin on my hands has never been so soft or supple. I walked into a room the other day, and my friend immediately told me that my skin was glowing.
I am now just returning home from Chicago. Took my little bottle of Intense Skin Hydration with me because I couldn't stand to be without it for 4 days! Gave a bottle to my friend who hosted me in her lovely home. She was amazed at how soft it made her skin - and is now a big fan too!
I love the Alpine Pure Oil! I’ve started to look forward to putting it on every night. It’s both a nice moment of self-care and it truly makes my skin look great. We’re introducing a new “Editors’ Picks” section to Rodale's Organic Life Magazine and I’ll be including your product for consideration. Otherwise I will absolutely keep it in my pocket for any beauty round-ups we do in the future. Lovely product you’ve made.
~Zoe, Editor, Rodale's Organic Life Magazine
I used on a blemish and the recovery was good and healing. Yuck! I hate that I still get them but really found the healing quicker. I am very impressed and pleased!
~Kandy, 47
My face is extremely dry (or used to be !!) I use the oil twice a day. It has healed the dry places. I had an episode with dermatitis due to stress. My face felt like it was on fire. The alpine oil is so very soothing. I love it!

I’m really loving your oil. So much in fact that I’ve completely ditched the T.H. that I was using. Yours is lighter and smells far better. I top my serum with your oil before I put my makeup on. Then in the evening after I take my makeup off, I use the oil mixed with my Retin A cream. So I’m loving it and using morning and night, daily.
~Rachel, 42
It's become my 'hero' problem-solver for my combination oily-to-normal skin.
~Paulina, 23

You have a beautiful product! Yesterday I went to physical therapy, so no makeup. Everyone kept telling me how beautiful my skin is!!
~G. Johnson
This product is luxurious and beautifully packaged, but most importantly it leaves my skin with a smooth and healthy glow. I’m also thrilled to see that this small woman-owned business is donating a portion of proceeds to local nonprofits. A+.
Cathy, 52
The smell is fabulous. I rub it on my chest and soles of my feet and sleep like a baby. Use it on my hair. It’s great!!!
~Dr. Hamrick

I wanted to let you know that I had 3 Palomar Laser treatments on my face in late 2016 to remove sun spots, one of which was particularly noticeable. Part of my follow up care was to use TellurideGlow’s Alpine Pure Oil. Between the two, my skin has never looked better. Really love the product.”
I recently had foot surgery. My foot and lower leg have been completely wrapped in bandages for a week. Today I unwrapped the bandage and I discovered my skin to be extremely dry! I applied Alpine Pure Oil and it felt so good! It soaked right in and softened the skin. It felt great!
It’s a great product!
I have been using twice a day for about a week now and I truly love it! I absolutely look forward to using it (the scent is incredible so I use on my hands during the day just to smell it…almost addicting). My skin looks bright and feels great! I can’t emphasize enough how excited and happy I am with the oil!!

Well, I have had my oil for almost a month and I am serious my skin has never looked better. I have been in Breckenridge , Co. for aonly 5 days and I have had several ladies ask me what I use on my skin and hair! I have been telling everyone about how wonderful this stuff is. I am using it on my face, hair, nails and neck. I cannot get over how it has helped my nails. In just three weeks my nails have looked perfect! Thank you for coming up with such a great product. I will be ordering again as soon as I get back home to Orange Beach! If you could imagine how much I have spent on products and your Telluride Glow is saving me a fortune!!!
This is a lovely light orange/gold colored oil blend of some of the best organic plant/seeds oils you can find for the skin.
I have been using Telluride Glow now for over a month and absolutely love it! The aroma alone helps me relax and unwind. I love that I an effortlessly clean my makeup off with it at night and moisturize, too! No more six step programs! My hands have been more smooth than they ever were using lotion. I’m definitely hooked! Thank you for sharing Telluride Glow with me!
~Sheila, 40

It’s a funny little thing, but I love the golden color of the oil as I apply it to my skin! I first put 3 squirts onto my hands, sniff deeply to inhale the luscious lavender scent, then massage gently into my skin. The orange glow as it absorbs into my skin reminds me of the color of golden honey directly from the beehives! It is a true spa like experience with each application.
Alpine Pure Oil is a staple in not only my morning and evening routine, but also for my husband and son (22). It really has made quite an amazing difference for all of us.
My dermatologist suggested I wear a makeup base with a high dose of sunscreen, but it made my face look dry and cakey. I added a small amount of Telluride Glow to the foundation and now my skin looks natural and even has a glow to it!
~Robin, 64

Oh, that glorious moment when the aroma hits my senses and I feel the soothing relief on my skin – it’s “my” moment.
~Joy, 62
My favorite way to wear telluride glow is to put it on my arms and legs just before going out for the evening. It feels fabulous all night and lends a lovely aroma with the gorgeous glow! Love this product!!!
~Jana Lee
I love the way this oil quickly absorbs into the skin. It makes my skin softer, smoother, and the scent reminds me of being outdoors in nature. Love it!!
~Lou, 62

To me it’s crucial that the products I use smell good. Which reminds me of a wonderful moment with my little daughters. I received a travel size of the Pure Alpine Oil as a gift, and was blending 1-2 drops with my facial cream at night. I loved the smell so much. After a while my kids asked me for a drop of this oil to be put onto their hands. When I asked why, the two said “because it smells so nice, like mama”. The best reason to now get the full size indeed 🙂
~Iryna, Germany
I liked it so much, I gave to my Mother, sisters and S-I-L for Christmas.
Especially during winter months when the air is dry outside as well as inside, I press a few drops of wonderfulness into my face for a much-needed mid-afternoon pick me up! Heaven!

What’s different about TellurideGlow’s Alpine Pure Oil is that it has all the best oils combined, and then some!
Love the smell and after I apply it at night, my face looks softer and better in the morning. I also think it helps me sleep!
~Shirley, 77
I love the silky smooth feeling it gives my shin, especially after I oil cleanse. Just a little bit on the tips of my fingers and it just glides on and the fragrance is so yummy!

What I love most about Telluride glow is using it as hydration for overnight (dry) elbows and feet. It truly does feel and smell heavenly and creates a softness that makes me feel better and makes my feet look so much younger.
This is the absolute best product I’ve used in a long while. I love it!
TellurideGlow, the company behind Alpine Pure Oil, has quickly risen to the top of My Favorite Companies.
~Tara Mackey, The Organic Life Blog

People stop me on the street to tell me my skin is glowing. I tell them they need to discover TellurideGlow.
~Edie, 57
I told a friend about the Alpine Pure Oil and she called me after her trip to a plastic surgeon today and the nurse asked her what she was using on her skin since it looked so dewy and beautiful!!!
I LOVE the Telluride Glow! Everything about it is first-class and delightful, starting with the recycled/recyclable packaging, and the pretty blue sack — and then the feel of the oil as you apply it is as good as the packaging leads you to believe it will be. The heavenly scent is so soothing, and the results on the face are wonderful. It seems to have just the right balance of oil for moisture, but also soak in and not sit on top of the skin like some similar products do.

I have never used a product that had the lasting moisture as this! I also can appreciate the properties of the ingredients in the oil and am thrilled to find something with moisture, HEALING of essential oils and so much more.
Due to the enthusiasm from friends, I have ordered, loved & now reordered (thinking Christmas & hostess gifts)!

Really love the product, love smelling ‘spa’ during the day. Sometimes i put a tiny drop on my upper lip just to remind myself to breathe….
After my makeup and powder are on and I am finished making up my face, I put a little of the oil on my hand and then pat a little bit on my face to “set my make up”. It gives me a youthful hydrated look and it keeps my makeup on. Even in the Louisiana heat. ~Nancy Jean, 63
I absolutely loved my bottle and the fabulous aromatherapy just transports me back to Telluride. So glad you’ve launched so I don’t have to impose and tell you I want MORE!!!! …love the oil, love the fragrance…pure idyllic relaxation!

Love the product. I use it everyday. My skin looks and feels awesome! I also love the way my pillow smells at night. It’s like I am sleeping in a beautiful and peaceful forest. I envision Telluride in the Fall. My favorite time of year there.
~Mary Lincoln, 55
I have loved using my TellurideGlow. I usually add it to my lotion to intensify and love the fragrance. I recently broke my wrist and I talked my way out of a cast but have to wear a brace. I’ve discovered that rubbing my Alpine Pure Oil on my wrist before putting the brace on is fabulous! It’s keeping my skin soft and not irritated, and best of all I love the smell! ~Jana
I love how it absorbs into my skin and makes my hands so soft and younger looking!
~Kimberly M

I have been using Alpine Pure Oil for several weeks now and it is absolutely amazing. Want to share it with all my friends!
I can't say enough nice things about Telluride Glow. As a health and natural beauty blogger I see a lot of products. Telluride Glow is truly special. I use it on my face and neck at night. The scent is amazing and helps me relax. In the am the oil is completely absorbed and my skin is glowing. This morning I patted a tiny bit into my skin before I put my makeup on. It is also wonderful for cuticles and the ends of my hair.
~Elizabeth Resnick
I am in heaven!! Love, love, love the TellurideGlow oil. I adore the scent and the oil feels like satin on my face and body. I use it first step each morning before adding my moisture, etc. Again, every evening it is my final step!!

Love it and excited to share with friends. My friend Bonnie now orders TellurideGlow for her friends who are hitting milestone birthdays.
~Kelly Klaus
I’ve been using the oil and it has been wonderful! I’ve had no problems with breakouts! It was also amazing at keeping my skin moisturized this past week while we were skiing! I love how refreshing it smells and that I never get a greasy, oily effect from it!
~Kim, 32
LOVE this oil for my face, hands and arms! The aroma reminds me of Telluride and I feel that it truly aids in relaxation. I love the simplicity of using one product, especially when traveling!
~Kathleen R

Amazing product…only oil I have ever used that works on my dry, dry skin. I love the fragrance and highly recommend it to everyone! You will LOVE it!
~Megan, 45
I absolutely love Telluride Glow! I was privileged to test this fabulous product from the beginning and this is the best version yet. There are so many benefits and I will definitely be sharing this product with friends and family!
~Edie, 58
This Alpine Pure Oil has been a lifesaver for the dry windy weather in Scotland and Boston, where I spend my time!!
~Amy Lou, 30

My skin just soaks it up. Love it! From the first drop you can feel the pure, beneficial quality in the oil. The morning after wearing it all night long your face has the soft dewy smooth feel of new born baby skin. Once you’ve tried it you won’t go back to your other creams. Alpine Oil adds youthful life back to your skin.
~Honey, 64
I suffer from dry skin in humid HOUSTON. So summers in super dry Telluride are are even worse, brutal in fact. I give Telluride Glow a 5, it plumps, soothes and it hydrates. Love the feel and LOVE the aroma, it smells so clean to me. It’s the perfect therapy oil. I’m buying a case of it.
I won’t have to worry about it expiring because I use it every day.
~Nora, 55

I need more for my hands. My wife keeps taking it. The ladies at work come around for some when I use it.
~Tony, 56
Well worth the price…I use it every day and mine lasted 3 months.
I want to buy some for my mom–I know she will love it–she loves all things lavender and all things Telluride!

LOVE LOVE this new product. It’s really nice. I’ve started putting it in my purse to put on my face when it feels really dry, like it does right now. This Retin-A Gel is making my face peel more than the cream did. So, this oil is working its magic!!! The ‘Alpenglow’ signature scent smells like Telluride.
I’ve been using it on my chest and neck, and I’ve seen a huge difference there. I can tell some of the sun damage that I had from being in the sun and working out all summer is starting to go away! I definitely love it for that area!! I will definitely keep using it.
~Kim F.

Love it! Use it every day and every night as a facial moisturizer.
~Tina, 60

Love it and share with friends. My friend Bonnie now orders TellurideGlow for her friends who are hitting milestone birthdays.
~Kelly, 41
I use Telluride Glow after every shower on my arms, legs and face. It really soaks into my skin preventing the dry patches I normally have. And it doesn’t clog my pores so I use it everyday.
~Nickie, 29
I went on a trip with the oil and didn’t need anything else for cleansing and moisturizing. Easy-breezy!
~R. McBride

I need more of your Magic Oil. ASAP please.
~S. Lee
When we moved to Italy for a year, we did not have room to bring many things from home. But one of the things I made sure to include in my luggage was your oil, and I am so glad that I did.
I am loving Telluride Glow! I am using the oil every night on my face and every morning on my hands. It really does take all the makeup off. I love having my little “spa moment” with the washcloth over my face and inhaling the aromas. I look forward to using it every night. I think you have created a wonderful product. I wish I could remember to use it on my hands before I leave the house every morning too. I have been doing that at night and rubbing it on my elbows too, my hands are so soft in the morning!!
~Leslie, 58

Covered myself with it from head to toe. It is 17 degrees here so I wanted to layer myself against the dryness… love it!
This is the most amazing product and I absolutely love it! I didn’t think anything would make the back of my hands look more plump but it did and I love it and love the new scent! I will need some for gifts.
~K. Klar
I like the smell. It smells clean.

Telluride Glow has been part of my daily recovery regime after my knee replacement. Perfect for massaging and loosening scar tissue around the incision. My brother even used it on his rosacea and loved the way it made his skin feel.
My daughter in law and I both use it and love it. I use if for face, cleansing, emollient, split ends.
~Carol, 71
I love it! I wear it at night and wake up without dry skin. I smell lavender first, but then it’s the geranium that lingers. I can smell the undernotes of the other oils too. It smells different with each breath.
~Kelly, 41

I have really dry skin and it REALLY WORKS.
~Peyton, 61
I just washed my face with the oil and the hot wet washcloth tonight. That’s a game changer! My skin feels so clean! I’m a huge fan! I’m not stopping.
~B. Fairchild, 33
It just feels so darn good. I have been using on neck, décolletage, and hands. Honestly love it!
~Patty, 66

I have given it to four friends already in New York and they are loving it.
I think it actually makes my legs look firmer and tanner. I love it and wouldn’t change a thing about it.
I am in my early 60’s and I have found that using this oil that my skin stays soft all day. I work outside working with horses most of the day. And even when the weather was below freezing my face did not feel dry. And I also have been putting just a little on my hands and working it into my hair and it has really helped to control the curly frizzys on the wet humid days. I love this product!

I LOVE the oil that I received for my birthday…I use it everyday. I sent ten to my mom’s house in New Orleans– Christmas treats for my sister in laws and friends there. I had ten sent to myself in Arlington. Thanks for making my Christmas treat shopping a breeze! The Glow has been disseminated far and wide. My peeps were thrilled to receive it.
Your magic potion should be an essential for everyone post-op care. I brought it to the hospital after surgery and it makes you feel like a real human. Everyone who walked into my room wanted to know where I bought it. Thanks for making my recovery so comforting.
My tennis team always asks how my legs are never dry and always shimmering on the courts – they all want to try some!!!!! Love,love, love it!
~Amanda, 31

Love, love, love the oil! I use it ALL the time. It IS Glow oil! It absorbs quickly…I put it under my make-up, I mix it with my makeup, and I put it over my serum before bed. I even put it on top of my makeup later in the day if my face feels dry. I use it on my body after showers…really like the smell, texture, and everything about it. It penetrates well and smells so good. I had my daughter try it and she loved it, too.
I think this an awesome product and TellurideGlow is an awesome brand name. We have a very special place in our hearts for Telluride considering that is where we got engaged. My wife now uses it when taking baths. She loves the scent. I continue to use the product after washing my face and while shaving. It seems to really prevent razor burn. It continues to be a favorite to help us relax. We stand behind it 100%. Thanks so much.
~Chad, 34
I have used GLOW on my skin right after the shower and it creates the smoothest, most emollient ‘“palette” for my skin to then put on make-up.
~Peggy, 65
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new formula. It penetrates quickly. Smells great. Seems like it moisturizes more and lasts through the day.Need to take a bath in it! Ha! Leaves a GLOW and seems to plump the lines (and I have a lot). Seems to resurface… and God only knows I need it...
An organic, nourishing, therapeutic oil that provides so much more than hydration…its a drop of therapy for the soul.
~Tina T.
TellurideGlow's oil helps me start my day energized. During my morning shower, I put a dollop in my palms and simply inhale – a few times. It calms my brain and invigorates my mood. Then it acts as a fantastic layer to keep the moisture in my skin. I use it at night as a layer around my eyes before I go to bed. I do not wake up puffy (well if I do, it’s not TellurideGlow’s fault!)
I use it to moisture my legs as I shave them. It is important for me to use products which are good for me – in every way. This product is.


I am in heaven!! Love, love, love the TellurideGlow oil. I adore the scent and the oil feels like satin on my face and body. I use it first step each morning before adding my moisture, etc. Again, every evening it is my final step!!
I love using TellurideGlow! I'm so glad I ordered it! I like that this product has no harmful chemicals and is a wonderful moisturizer that can be used on your entire body!
~Tanya, 65
Love Telluride Glow -- it leaves your skin feeling moisturized, youthful and with just the right amount of fragrance.
~Kimberly, 33

Still using my oil and it makes me feel elegant and I love the fragrance . Continue the great job.
Great product! Its done wonders for my skin and I would absolutely recommend to family and friends...everyone!
Ashley, 27
I love, love, love TellurideGlow! It makes my skin feel and look fantastic! The scent is awesome! Mary Alice knows what she is dong and boy does she have a winner here!

This is my number one thing I put on ever morning and ever night it is all So is very good for scars my my face feels like a baby's bottom since I have been using telluride oil love it , amazing oil.
LOVE , LOVE, LOVE my TellurideGlow Oil! The smell of it is addicting!! Applied under my BB cream, it makes the cream go on sooo smoothly. It leaves a really subtle, not oily ``glow``-- which truly helps those fine wrinkles. Did I mention how much I love the fragrance of it??
I use it everyday and love it! I also like that a little goes a long way. Great product!
~JoAnn, 59

There’s something that feels extra special when you can use a product that you know was made by someone who has spent a tremendous amount of time and love creating the product.
~Karen H.
Does GLOW come in gallons? In Telluride 24 hours and Dry Oh My!
I love Alpine Pure Oil!! I can tell a difference if I don't use it. I will be a repeat customer.
I cannot tell you how much I am loving the Telluride Glow is like gold--looks like it and smells like it.
~Cathy R
I have incredibly dry skin--so dry that my legs were ash colored every morning. TellurideGlow really takes care of my dry skin. Now to try it on my extremely dry scalp. Thank you.
~Sheila S
It smells DI-vine!

I came home from a trip, put a few drops in my bath, and covered myself with it after. I’d like 3 for gifts for my daughter-in-laws.
~Suzanne H
I can’t stop oohing and aahing.
~Pat S
I love your TellurideGlow! It has made a wonderful difference in the callous on the ball of my foot and it is healing up very nicely! Thank you so much! Love your product!

Just got my oil. it is wonderful; I cannot stop putting it on !! After the week we have had with the floods it was a joy to put this oil on.
~J. Andrews
TellurideGlow is as wonderful as the town itself. I have used it for 6 months and am amazed with the results. My skin is much more supple and feels as if it is glowing. My makeup goes on smoother and tends to stay longer. It penetrates quickly and is not greasy! Great in the bath! Love it ! Can't live without it.
TellurideGlow's oil truly is “liquid gold!!!” I can’t say enough about how It has helped my skin!
~Kathy, 64
It smells and feels wonderful!!!
Kelly, 58
Bottom Line: A lovely oil that doesn’t scrimp on quality ingredients. These aren’t just cheap filler oils, but rather potent, antioxidant- and nutrient-rich ingredients to deeply nourish and feed the skin.
~Caite, Toronto
Alpine Pure Oil is a staple in not only my morning and evening routine, but also for my husband and son (22). It really has made quite an amazing difference for all of us.
The things I like best are the scent (I feel like I am at a spa) and the healing power of my age spots. Since using Alpine Glow, the spots have disappeared and are no longer scaly and dry. Love Alpine Pure Oil!
I can’t start my day without it…..I really love the smell, texture and the glow it gives my skin.
~Kathryn, 69
I love this oil! It's the best moisturizer for this dry, rotten climate I live in!
Nothing hydrates and nourishes body and soul like my Alpine Pure Oil. Thank you for your more than fabulous elixir!
~Cheryl, 63
The blue glass bottle holds such a precious power blend that I can’t envision my routine without it anymore.
~Beauty Calypse, Berlin
Alpine Pure Oil is a staple in not only my morning and evening routine, but also for my husband and son (22). It really has made quite an amazing difference for all of us.
I love TellurideGlow! Been using it for a week on my arms and legs, and I can already see an improvement - less crepey!! YAY!!!
~Jana, 62

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