Snow Rose Powder ~ Active Recovery Mask Praises  

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My favorite part is you mix it on the spot. I’ve never had a product like that and always wonder when I find a lotion or product in in my drawer if it is still even any good ~ Jennifer B.
I have never been a mask user as I have sensitive skin (always a surprise to me as I have olive skin and thought it would take anything I put on my face ). And I LOVE the mask, it did tingle and I thought it may get worse, but, did not. My skin felt soft and full of moisture. I couldn’t believe several days after I still had soft skin and a defined look. I use all natural with no perfume, etc. so your products go hand in hand with my daily regime. ~ Shari Flatt
I use this Mask & its wonderful!! I live part time in Las Vegas & the extreme dry climate was drying out my skin. This Mask along with my TellurideGlow Alpine Pure oil has helped my skin tremendously. I love both. I use the oil on my cuticles also. ~ Patty Eddins
It’s a beautiful color, smells amazing, and does everything you could want in a mask: exfoliates, hydrates, brightens and nourishes the skin! Amazing for skin recovery, especially in super dry climates. After snowshoeing, I dipped into the indoor hot spring and applied this mask. It’s so easy, you just mix one scoop of the snow rose powder mask with one scoop of water. I mixed it with the magnesium-rich hot spring mineral water and a few drops of Tellurideglow Alpine Oil , and it was warm and so soft on my face, and smelled delicious. Great to apply while taking a bath, as the steam opens your pores and the mask can work even more effectively like it did here in the hot springs! ~ Taylor Black , Film Actor, Los Angeles
“While working late tonight I did experience/try the treatment mask and it is AMAZING - my skin looks less stressed, lines smoothed out, hydrated and glowing…more rested looking. I am in love with this brand.” ~ Lisa A.
Loving the new mask. What I love...
The brush, it feels amazing to apply the mask on my face. The results
I love as well. I love when you take the mask off it exfoliates.
Leaves my skin brighter and more hydrated. ~ Jen Bishop
Skin feels so smooth and soft! ~ Nora Brennan
I absolutely love the way my skin feels after the masque ... so smooth and hydrated. I was able to use a 1:1 mixture for the best consistency and found it took less than the entire scoop to nicely cover my face, neck and décolletage. The earthy scent is very calming and grounding. ~ Cheryl Casady
Loved using this, I loved how my skin looked and felt (and the heavenly fragrance!) I used it mixed with water for the T-zone and added a bit of Alpine Pure Oil for outer face and neck. I felt that this provides the effect of a mild acid peel, exfoliation-wise, without the stinging ~ Donna P.
Well, what a lovely surprise! You weren’t kidding when you said it leaves skin baby soft - wow! I applied the oil after I rinsed and dried - double whammy, so good! I keep touching my neck! I didn’t notice the fragrance much - very subtle. The results are fantastic! ~ Stacy B.
I am impressed with the improvement of my skin tone since using TellurideGlow products. Your research and attention to detail is impressive! ~ Sally Stone
I finally used my new rose recovery mask and it left my skin feeling soft but firmer. I love the smell and the application. Can’t wait to use it again! ~ Katherine Borish
Crazy about this product! I mixed the oil in the mask--the results were more than worth it. Will most definitely include the oil in all future applications! ~ Deena Park
“...What a surprise today when my doctor walked in and his first comment was that I look younger than I did last visit! He has never said anything like that before. I use both Snow Rose and Alpine Pure faithfully.” ~ Tina Rossi
I love that the dry time is 10 minutes - totally makes it more efficient and easy to do. I was a little hesitant to try as it seemed like it required a little effort and I’m all about ease! But it was easy and not a problem. I love the fragrance - so soft and clean and subtle. ~ Stacy B.
When I take it off I can see and feel an immediate dramatic difference in how smooth feels and how even my skin tone is. Thank you for creating a mask that works and is a true luxury to use! ~ Sheila G.
I love the packaging and presentation! The brush and mixing bowl are such a neat touch! I feel like I’m in my own spa when I’m mixing and applying. Very clever! ~ Kathryn Dirks
The smell is earthy in a good way. My skin was smoother and looked more even in tone and brighter. My summer tan is fading so this helped it to even out! ~ Kimberly Marney
This is lots of fun to play with; I did an application mixed with raw yogurt and loved it! My next experiment will be with local honey. Also, I’m going to try a little bit mixed with TG oil as a facial scrub.
You have me completely sold with the alpine botanicals, especially the Snow Mushroom! I love that it was inspired by your own foraging. It’s this sort of deeply personal touch that makes me buy a product AND make recommendations to clients. ~ Donna Pavone, Aesthetician
I love the bowl and brush - it makes a lovely gift and I love it on my counter - so pretty! I found the fragrance clean and earthy - something I like in a mask. I added the oil one of the times and used it after the second time. Both worked well. I only left it on for about 10 minutes. I plan to use it once a week. ~ Nancy Spector
Love all the options and how soft my skin feels after the exfoliation part. I love finishing off with the aromatherapy of your oil. ~ Taylor Black, Film Actor, Los Angeles
“It does everything it promised.” ~ Shirley Enis
“I tried it on Saturday and LOVED it! My skin felt so smooth and soft and still does!
This will definitely be on heavy rotation. Love how it exfoliated also.” ~ Elizabeth Resnick
So far immediately noticing skin is firmer, smooth, and a bit brighter. I prefer adding a few drops of Alpine Pure Oil, but I think that is because it feels good.
Both my husband and I have seen a difference in our skin. I am working to actively reduce the sign of aging and I love the sun, and this one makes a difference. ~ Lori Cronican
So nice! I felt like my face was brighter and silkier after I took off the mask. ~ Kathy Bergman
I really did notice a difference in my skin combining the mask with the Alpine Pure Oil. ~ Lori C.
Had to let you know that I tried the mask yesterday and I loved the way my skin felt after! ~ Jana Lee Gondran
The smell is so wonderful and it makes my skin feel so smooth and firm. You have another winner with this product. ~ Kathy Rodriguez


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