How to get the most from your investment skincare


Botanical skincare is investment skincare, especially if you’ve chosen high performance, raw, whole plant formulas with certified organic ingredients for the best skin nutrition. There are many levels of natural skincare, and TELLURIDEglow sits proudly at the top. 

You’ve committed to healthy skin, so now take care to make good choices to protect the efficacy of the product to the very last drop. Use it every day, but don’t waste it. After all, that’s why you bought it … to see results. 

TELLURIDEglow’s fresh ingredients are our most valuable asset. We work diligently to ensure transparent processes from farming, inspection and harvesting to ethical extraction at the peak of their potency. And, safety and stability practices continue through transport and storage. We produce small batches so only purchase small amounts of ingredients at a time. It’s understandable how high quality, whole plant botanical products, especially when globally curated, are more costly to get to market than something produced in a lab.

Like fresh food, we believe these active ingredients are definitely worth safeguarding. Here’s what you can do.


Botanical ingredients are best preserved in protective dark glass bottles. Antioxidants are powerful yet fragile, and can deteriorate from light exposure. If there is no box, clear containers are at greater risk on the store shelf under fluorescent lighting. If there is a box, a clear container may still be compromised by light once you toss the box and keep it on your counter. Raw products in clear containers are best refrigerated.


Expiration dates are not required by the FDA. They are determined from optional laboratory testing, so don’t be surprised if you don’t find one. We invest in testing so we can sleep at night.

Our preference is the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol: This open jar symbol tells you how long the product will stay good after it’s been opened in months and/or years. To qualify for this symbol, the formula must prove safe and stable for 30 months in the actual container BEFORE it is ever opened. So you don’t have to worry about the fill date, you just need to use it within the number of months after you open it. Write your open date on the label and you’ll not only know when it’s most potent, but how long it takes you to go through a bottle. TELLURIDEglow products indicate 12 months but may last longer; we just stopped testing after 3.5 years when there was zero change in stability. 


Choose a product with a treatment pump so it is never exposed to air and bacteria. Practice slow pumping for precision to dispense exactly what you need and avoid unintended wasteful drips from droppers. And treatment pumps are spill proof because the top is not removed for application.


That may be a no-brainer, but do read the directions for optimum results. TELLURIDEglow products are concentrated with no fillers, so one pump or the essence or serum (the equivalent of 4-5 drops) is recommended. If you are a ‘more is better’ user, you may be wasting product if too much is sitting on top of your skin. And if you haven’t read the mask directions, you may not know to exfoliate off with wet hands after 10 minutes, which is an important exfoliation and smoothing benefit.


Rubbing product between palms before applying equals wasted product. Your palms will look great, but save those valuable nutrients for your face. Instead, pump onto the back of one hand and use your fingers to dab from there onto your face, like an artist with a paint palette. Start with your neediest areas first, like eyes and wrinkles, to be sure they are given priority. Then spread, press, and massage into your skin. A film of product will beautify the back of your hand–a little bonus–so don’t wash it off, and alternate hands with each use.

Check out our Ritual page with videos to show how to use and customize/interchange the four products.


Play around by experimenting with mix and match products.  Add The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum or The Purist Delicate Skin Serum while mixing The Snow Rose Recovery Mask for a hydration boost. Don’t have 10 minutes for a mask? Mix the powder with water in a bowl for a quick cleansing scrub. If you want to maximize the firming action of Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence, apply half before the serum and half after.

Tip: The Snow Rose powder mask is freshly activated with equal parts water. Start with slightly less water, as it’s less expensive to add more water than mask powder to achieve the mousse consistency. Try one tablespoon for face, neck and décolletage, but if you only want to treat the face, a teaspoon will do. 


Many warehouses are not climate controlled, so we searched until we found one to ensure our fresh ingredients are not compromised as temperatures rise. We’ve taken a lot of care to get the products this far in pristine condition and need to be absolutely sure you are receiving 100% perfection. Think of a banana in your back pack; it may be fine for a day, but you’d never keep it there for a week. You would not want to keep any raw, plant based products in a hot car.


The extra measures we take are costly: we use high ratios of certified organic ingredients to avoid pesticides and GMO, we purchase premium ingredients from around the world, dark glass containers, treatment pumps, use third party laboratory testing, expiration indicators, cold processing, small batches, climate controlled facilities, and more, such as formulating to stricter EU standards. Most are benefits that you don’t see. But now you know. That’s where you have to trust your brand.

I started sharing TELLURIDEglow with friends out of my Telluride kitchen, and now I just have a bigger group of friends. I came out of retirement to share some joy with you after finally seeing improvement in my weather-battered skin, and I care about your results as if I know you personally. We deliver the highest standards for efficacy, safety and stability, because you are worth it, and because I have my name on it.


We invite you to read how customers are loving and using the products here.  


Take ten minutes a week to purify, exfoliate and hydrate with Snow Rose Recovery Mask.
Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence is the first step before applying one of the serums below, morning and night.


The Purist, delicate skin serum


Step two is a choice of The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum or The Purist Delicate Skin Serum.
Both equal in balancing, revitalizing and moisturizing, with The Purist geared to sensitive and reactive skin.



Our natural colors come from ingredients such as Rose petals from Bulgaria, Rosehip from the Andes, Aspen Bark Extract from Colorado, and Sea Buckthorn Berry from the Himalayas.

Bright colors indicate minimal processing with no heat, chemicals or additives, no bleaching or deodorizing.

Check out our Ritual page with videos to show how to use and customize/interchange the four products.


As always, I’m grateful for our relationship. Drop a note here and I will happily respond to any questions or concerns!


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