How to decipher shelf life of your skin products

How to decipher shelf life of your skin products




I had a great question during the last promotion from someone who wanted to buy multiples–how long does the product last?

As you know from my newsletters, the FDA does not require laboratory testing of skincare or cosmetics. We do it regardless, to ensure safety and stability of our Telluride Glow products.




For companies that do test, there are two indicators on the label to look for, either a ‘best buy’ date, or the open jar symbol (called the Period After Opening (PAO) symbol with a date inside the jar. If there is no indicator, your product may not be third party laboratory tested.

Of the two, the POA typically has a longer shelf life, because to qualify for this symbol, the testing must prove the product is still in pristine condition for 2.5 years before continuing with ‘open jar’ testing where the product is opened dispersed as you would in typical use. The open jar testing determines the date in the jar. So even if the product has been on a shelf for 2.5 years, you know it’s good for at least a year once you start using it.

TellurideGlow tests unopened for 3 years before continuing with the open jar testing. We stop at 12 months because 12 month after opening is ample time to use a product.

Our new Aspen Dew just completed accelerated 3 year unopened testing and has proved unchanged since it was bottled. The manufacturer guaranteed 2 years so we could get it to market while simultaneously testing. It is surpassing expectations, so in the future you will see a POA symbol with 12 months, same as The Purist and The Alpine.

So that’s the long way of saying that once you open your TellurideGlow products, use them within a year. You can mark your open date on the label. But don’t worry about how long they are stored on a shelf before you open them, because they’ve been tested to last at least 3 years unopened.

If you are using the product twice a day, your bottle should last about 3-4 months.

TellurideGlow is the highest level of organic skincare reflecting the power and purity of Telluride, Colorado. We take that statement seriously. Our formulas are not stock formulas. Each one is carefully crafted for you to see a difference in your skin. We recommend both steps, twice a day, for best results. This two step ritual is the Aspen Dew Essence followed by your choice of The Alpine or The Purist. Our goal is that you won’t need any other products.

” My daughter texted me this morning that she had squeezed the last drops from every bottle in her sample kit. That she loves the products. That the samples lasted an amazingly long time. So I offered to buy some for her. Then I opened your email to the offer. So now I can buy for both daughters–I’m so pleased! Timing is wonderful.” – Janet Adams



The recent special was overwhelmingly successful! This gave hope that the USA economy is ready to rebound, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. Our customers are very loyal and our email engagement rate is 3 times the average for the beauty industry. Remarkably, sales during Covid have doubled from the same period last year. Hopefully this means you are seeing the results we strive for.

Enjoy your Fourth of July! Telluride Glow is proudly made in the USA.


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