How To Be Your Own Skincare Mixologist

How To Be Your Own Skincare Mixologist


I recently had the pleasure of visiting with a customer in person about her Telluride Glow ritual. Her skin was absolutely gorgeous and she said she’s been happily using ONLY our Essence and Serum for a year, first the Serum then the Essence over it. What? I’m thinking ‘that’s the the wrong order, it should be Essence first, then Serum.’

But then I realized…her skin is beautiful, she’s getting compliments, it’s obviously working for her, so why be locked into ‘directions’ if something is working so well?

Try blending the Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence with either The Purist Delicate Skin Serum or The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum and be prepared to be amazed


Regardless of best practices, we are all unique in our skincare needs. And those needs are constantly changing with age, travel, genetics, seasons, lifestyle, diet, and environmental stress. Only YOU can truly be in tune with your skin, so don’t be timid about playing around with your products. With ingredients this exquisite, you can’t go wrong!

I love the feel of the Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence on my skin after cleansing. It quenches instantly and is something I look forward to morning and night. But lately, I’ve been experimenting with mixing one pump of the Essence with one pump of a Serum in my palm, blending together with my finger and applying it in one simple step. Talk about an easy skincare regimen! The result is beautiful. You’ll still get the benefit of deep penetration of both fat and water-soluble nutrients.

Or, if you are like the aforementioned customer, try the serum first and follow with the Essence. You may see enhanced smoothing and toning benefits with the Essence on top of the Serum.

Or, make a Serum sandwich! Essence, Serum, then a bit more Essence.

What is your skin needing most today? Dry, flakey skin may be craving the serums. Pinched and dehydrated skin may be asking for the Essence. To conquer all, use both.

All of our products work best on clean, slightly damp skin. Regardless of layering or blending, take a little time to press and massage into your skin, not just swipe and go.


One smoothing tip is to think of your skin as a crumpled piece of paper. What do you do to smooth it out? You may dampen it, then using both hands, massage it back to normal by gently stretching the lines out away from each other to smooth and discourage those lines from setting in. You don’t have to spend minutes on this; just 30 seconds twice a day can make a difference, and you’ll see a healthy glow from increased circulation.

Applying products with upwards strokes is always a good practice. So, too, is smoothing out the lines by gently separating them apart with your fingers and massaging with either The Alpine Phytonutrient or The Purist Delicate Skin serum. If your skin could talk, it would be whispering “thank you.”

If you would like assistance at any time, just hit reply and I will personally answer questions and guide you through setting up your own personal skincare regime.

Stay well!

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