How I feel about cosmetic surgery


Mary Alice, TELLURIDEglow Founder and CEO, 65


I believe you are perfectly capable of making your own decisions.

Our mission at TELLURIDEglow is to deliver the best organic skin nutrition anywhere via high potency, whole plant, unrefined formulas. All complexions benefit from healthier skin that literally glows from within. Our job is to deliver results, not advice.

So while I’ve not turned to surgery, I don’t feel it is my place to advocate or criticize. Surgery is a very personal and none of us know the experiences behind that decision. Let’s respect each other in the quest for feeling our best and focus on beautiful skin. I love seeing women support women!



Like the mountains in Telluride, many things improve with age. While there’s nothing wrong with aging, there’s no reason to age faster than you have to. I don’t mind showing some imperfections at 65, but I do mind dry, lackluster skin, dullness and brown spots. These are issues that can improve with high-performance formulas that feed your skin at a deeper level to reclaim radiance lost over time.

Your skin may feel and look so amazing after TellurideGlow recovery skincare, you may forego or postpone the need for more.

“My aesthetician said she didn’t need to recommend any other product because my skin looked great!” ~ Kandy


TELLURIDEglow’s fresh and noble ingredients, many from mountains around the world, are our most valuable asset. We work diligently to ensure transparent processes from organic farming, inspection and harvesting to ethical extraction at the peak of their potency. Safety and stability practices continue through transport and storage. We produce small batches so only purchase small amounts of ingredients at a time.

It’s understandable how high quality, whole plant botanical formulas, especially when globally curated, are more expensive to produce than something that started out natural but was redesigned and processed in a lab. It’s similar to choosing whole food vs. refined food for retaining nutrients.


TELLURIDEGlow is the epitome of clean beauty with no harmful ingredients, but we go way beyond clean. The extra measures we take are costly: high ratios of certified organic ingredients to avoid pesticides and GMO, high potency ingredients from around the world, dark glass containers and treatment pumps for protection, third party laboratory testing, expiration symbols, cold processing, small batches, climate controlled facilities, and more, such as cold formulating to stricter EU standards.

These are the invisible differences that make a difference in your skin.

I started sharing TELLURIDEglow with friends out of my kitchen in Telluride, Colorado, and now I embrace a bigger group of skin-loving friends. I came out of retirement as an executive to share some joy with you after finally seeing a breakthrough in my mountain-battered skin. I care about your results as if I know you personally.

We deliver the highest standards for efficacy, safety, and stability, because you are worth it, and because I have my name on it.

“My dermatologist was quite impressed with the results and said to continue to use it and never stop!” ~ Brooke


Take ten minutes a week to purify, exfoliate and hydrate with Snow Rose Recovery Mask.
Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence is the first step before applying one of the serums below, morning and night.


The Purist, delicate skin serum


Step two is a choice of The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum or The Purist Delicate Skin Serum.
Both equal in balancing, revitalizing and moisturizing, with The Purist geared to sensitive and reactive skin.



Our natural colors come from ingredients such as Rose petals from Bulgaria, Rosehip from the Andes, Aspen Bark Extract from Colorado, and Sea Buckthorn Berry from the Himalayas.

Bright colors indicate minimal processing with no heat, chemicals or additives, no bleaching or deodorizing.

Check out our Ritual page with videos to show how to use and customize/interchange the four products.


As always, I’m grateful for our relationship. Email and I will personally respond to any questions or concerns. I’d love to know how you feel about plastic surgery. And follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see everything we’re up to and to DM any questions you may have.

We invite you to read how customers are loving and using the products.

And though our returns are almost non-existent, you can return for any reason within 45 days.

Join thousands who love the results of better skin nutrition with TELLURIDEglow.


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