Reclaim, revitalize and help protect depleted skin with high recovery nutritional skincare as pristine as its namesake, Telluride, Colorado.
Every day, from elevations higher than 9,000ft above sea level, skin is compromised by the harsh, dry mountain climate.
From that need, Telluride helped us give birth to a skin recovery system steeped in science to completely nourish the skin and help fight off environmental damage, no matter where you live.
TellurideGlow delivers with some of the industry’s highest concentrations of powerful nutrients from 13 potent alpine survivalist plants to transport the purity of nature right to your skin.


“People stop me on the street to compliment me on my skin. I tell them they need to discover TellurideGlow.”
~ Edie D., Pensacola


“When dermatologists began complimenting our clients on their skin, I knew our formulas were exceptional.”
Mary Alice Heape, Founder

High elevation botanicals produce powerful antioxidants, phytonutrients, and UV defenses to thrive in extreme climates. The air is cleaner, the soil undisturbed, and powerful secondary metabolites are produced to ward off pests and environmental aggression, resulting in some of the most beneficial plant composition on the planet.


TellurideGlow taps into these adaptive strategies to nourish and protect against dehydration, free radical damage, sensitivities, and signs of premature aging.


“I can honestly say that I have found a replacement for my previously so-called ‘high end’ products.”
 ~ Cheryl C
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Green Beauty, the way nature intended it. Clean, undisturbed, sustainable. 


The GLOWPromise™     


PURE – 96% natural, whole nutrients, no fillers, cold processed and cold formulated, gluten free and certified organic/non-GMO wherever feasible

CLEAN – Laboratory tested, no harmful chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, or fragrances

ETHICAL – Vegan and cruelty free, conscientious farming and sourcing, recyclable


“I’m done with other products! I’m a TellurideGlow convert!”
~ Jana Lee
Glow for Good

TellurideGlow is honored to help empower our favorite local nonprofit with national reach, the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program.


TASP provides outdoor adventure with specially adapted recreational equipment for people who have physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities. Your purchases helped to donate the first adaptive kiddo bike with custom engineered hand cranks and a fleet of adaptive kayaks to date.


“Nothing fills my heart up more.”
~ Jennifer L., Telluride
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When you find something nourishing that brings joy, you make room for it in your life. Our founder came out of retirement to help others transform their skin with the magic of TellurideGlow. Bolstered with an education in health and an executive career in fashion, it was a logical transition to embrace healthy beauty.



“My past experience, from sales to presidential leadership, taught me to listen and understand the needs of discerning people. It’s fulfilling to help others wear their skin beautifully and wholesomely.


We formulated TellurideGlow for people who want to look and feel good about themselves as they get out and live life. They spend time outdoors, they travel, they hike, they age, and they live full, vibrant lives. TellurideGlow Recovery Skincare offers clean, forcibly potent solutions that support  energetic lifestyles.” ~ Mary Alice Heape, Founder & CEO


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