Has Gluten-Free Gone Too Far?

Has Gluten-Free Gone Too Far?




There’s some chatter about how important a gluten-free skincare routine actually is.

Gluten-free skincare may not be a major concern for most, but gluten intolerance is a valid concern, especially those with celiac disease. Celiac sufferers are often hyper-vigilant about their products to stay clear of severe reactions. Although there is no great concern about gluten absorption into the skin, there is a risk when gluten is accidentally ingested when coming into contact with the nose or mucous membranes. Those with celiac disease should be aware of products that go in and around the mouth, such as lipstick, chapstick, mouthwash and toothpaste.

How can you tell if a product is Gluten Free?

The best way is to look for a Gluten free symbol or indicator on the label, such as those on Telluride Glow’s Essence and Serums. Otherwise it can be tricky, because some ingredients, like Vitamin E, may be derived from wheat germ. The Vitamin E in our formulas is derived from sunflowers for that reason.




Derived from sunflowers, the natural, non-GMO Vitamin E in our Essence and Serums has a bioavailability twice as potent as synthetic Vitamin E, according to the National Academy of Science. Chosen for it’s potent protective antioxidant factor, Vitamin E works to block damaging free radicals from the body, which play a large part in the aging process.

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