Glow Beyond Yourself

Glow Beyond Yourself

I’m about to be 62. Carrie Fisher died today at 60, and George Michael at 53. In 2015, my  brother died suddenly at 50, and before that, my dad at 51 and nephew at 16.  

How many of you share similar stories of unexpected loss?

The more tragedies you experience, the more you are in tune with the brevity of our lives here on earth…and that’s not a bad thing. Even at the best scenario, I am in the last ⅓ of my life. I can be grateful or I can lament. I am blessed with a husband of 38 years and surrounded by a loving family and friends. I’ve had an amazing corporate career and now have an amazing grandson. My soul overflows with gratitude.

Here’s how that weaves in to my new company, TellurideGlow, launched just 8 months ago.  I thank God for it’s success. Looking back, I can’t believe my one little product has been so desired. But this project has always been about more than making money. My first purpose was simple:  to share a product that helped my skin immensely and hoped to help others. My challenge goal was to see if it could actually be successful, and my third desire was to use it as a vehicle to give back. I’m retired, life has been good to me, and like so many of you, I want to say thank you in ways beyond words.

In 2017, TellurideGlow will be donating a guaranteed amount to the nonprofit Telluride Adaptive Sports Program https://tellurideadaptivesports.org located of course in Telluride, Colorado but with a nationwide reach in providing outdoor therapeutic recreation to individuals with disabilities.

I am so excited to also have the opportunity for hands-on volunteer work with TASP to get to know the people impacted by this organization. I’ve always had a soft-spot for our veterans.  My dad served in the military, and having three sons, my heart tugs with parents who watch their children sacrifice for our country.  The first event I’ll be helping with is Disabled Veteran’s Adventure Ski Week at the end of January. TASP provides free travel, lodging and program expenses to any U.S. Service member who has been disabled as a result of an incident occurring while serving in the U.S. military. The week will include individualized adaptive ski or snowboard lessons with the possibility of other activities in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Telluride, Colorado. The program provides adaptive equipment along with trained instructors to ensure the best possible experience!

How does this affect you?

Every TellurideGlow purchase will contribute to TASP.  So that’s one more benefit in addition to achieving healthy, glowing skin that you can feel great about.  If you are on the ski mountain in Telluride and notice a TASP participant, please know that you had a part in enhancing a life by promoting independence and personal growth.


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