When does it expire? You can expect freshness for 12 months from date you open the bottle, though shelf life may be longer.  The shelf life prior to opening has been laboratory tested to exceed three years. Do not expose to heat and light.  The high level of natural vitamin E, cold-pressed from sunflowers, naturally extends shelf life as well as contributing to the antioxidant protection.


How is it possible to cleanse with oil? Alongside actively renewing your complexion, the antioxidant rich oils effectively remove dirt, debris and makeup without disrupting essential protective layers of the skin.  Your skin will feel both clean and quenched. Finish your cleansing ritual with a few drops of nourishing Alpine Pure Oil.


How can oil be for all skin types? Alpine Pure’s proprietary formula can help control and balance the production of oil to keep your skin smooth AND clear.  If you are subject to breakouts from new products you may want to try a test patch first.  We have had many success stories from a variety of skin types.


Does it contain sunscreen? No, it does not contain sunscreen nor protect from the sun.


Can you use it under the eyes? Yes, it’s noncomedogenic and very effective under the eyes. Use a small amount and take care not to get into the eyes.


How long will a bottle last?  It is waterless and concentrated so a little goes a long way; many say one bottle lasts several months. However it really depends on your personal usage–how often you use it and how many areas you are treating.


Why do the Precautions say for adult use only? TellurideGlow was formulated for adults; essential oil levels may differ for infants and small children.


I have sensitive skin. Is it safe for me? When in doubt, test a small area for reaction before use. Some sensitive users may react to essential oils.


I noticed there are nut oils in the ingredients. Should I be concerned about nut allergies? Though the nut oils used are not highly allergenic, please contact your physician before use if you have any concerns.


My Alpine Pure Oil thickened when the temperature dropped. Is it still good? Raw ingredients may thicken in cooler temperatures but that does not alter effectiveness. Place the bottle in warm water to liquify.


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