Do You Know An Elderly Loved One In Lock Down?

Do You Know An Elderly Loved One In Lock Down?

Do You Know An Elderly Loved One In Lock Down?





Alice lives in an independent living facility, and don’t you dare call it a nursing home because she takes pride in her independence. But now, meals are left at her door and no visitors for a month.

What is her special request? Red lipstick. Because you have to look good for YOU.

She’s in good spirits, waving to my sister below who has been a godsend, dropping off supplies … and lipstick. She’s grateful for her garden patio, big TV, and good health.

People her age were affected by WWII in some way or another. My mom grew up on a farm in Belgium and lived through the Nazi occupation during her teen years. She remembers curfews, bombs in their fields, people at her door begging for food and her dad hiding food from the Nazis between her bed and the wall. And hiding her brother from the Nazis looking to send him off to Germany to work their fields. 


So let’s keep this in perspective …

It could be worse.

Be thankful.

It will be over.




Give them a call. Send a card or a gift to show you are thinking of them. Perhaps send several ‘thinking of you’ cards to the office of senior facilities to distribute to those with no loved ones. 

TellurideGlow products are such a comforting treat of healthy self care. Our Sample Box of minis is almost sold out, but if you can get it, this makes a wonderful gift of a spa day in a box with the mask, essence, and two serums. Tried and true by Alice!

Otherwise, I would recommend any of these three:


The Purist Delicate Skin Serum

“I think your products actually do help my face! I am using the samples, and wrinkles are less pronounced! And skin more alive. I’ve just ordered the Aspen Dew, The Purist and a gift box.” – Janet Adams, 79


The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum

“I’ve been using Telluride Glow and love it….and people say I’ve never looked better. ” –  Sylvia Owens, 81



Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence

“I really see a difference! Can you order some more for me? I didn’t realize I was down to one pump!” – Shirley Enis, 81


If you ever have trouble ordering, like Shirley, just contact me and I will be happy to place the order manually. The website has been temperamental since the virus and I’m hoping our fulfillment center can stay open. Who knows what’s ahead?

We invite you to read how other customers are loving and using the products here.  

As always, I’m grateful for our relationship. Drop a note here and I will happily respond to any questions or concerns!

I already see some positive things happening from slowing down.  Do you?


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