Could You Be In Denial About Sensitive Skin?

Could You Be In Denial About Sensitive Skin?

Could You Be In Denial About Sensitive Skin?

With dark hair, eyes and anything but fair, I’m not a typical profile for sensitive skin. Yet it took me the longest time to connect the dark circles and redness under my eyes and persistent dry patches to contact dermatitis. Dermatologists prescribed creams but the ‘cure’ never lasted.



Yet it should have been more obvious. I’m sensitive to wool, react to metals in pierced earrings, have had welts with sunscreen, and several reactions to fine hotel products.

It took over 60 years to admit I have sensitive skin, which also correlates to aging. The most noticeable change in mature skin is in the way the skin feels. A slower cell turnover and reduction in lipid production on the skin’s surface means roughness and dryness are more likely. As this particular layer of the skin ages, it becomes more sensitive to UV light.

Once I streamlined my routine and focused on pure ingredients with no irritants I saw significant improvement.


I use just two products, twice a day, and I can’t tell you how liberating this is, even if your skin is not sensitive.


First, Aspen Dew Illuminating Essence, an active product that has everything you need for healthy skin.

  • Quad humectants for deep, progressive hydration including micro-molecular hyaluronic acid, vegetable ceramics and Niacinimide (B3) 
  • Bear Berry for brightening 
  • Edelweiss to protect from skin stressors and many vitamin C rich ingredients.  
  • Aspen Bark smooths the skin, and Dew Bean, a natural alternative to retinol, helps reveal a fresh and radiant complexion without the associated irritation.


TIP: I use everywhere except around the eyes because of my unique sensitivities. Most people have no problems with this but if your eye area seems to have constant redness and dark circles, try using only one awesome product around the eyes… 


The Purist Delicate Skin Serum. Don’t let the name fool you…The Purist delivers serious skin recovery around the eyes and everywhere else. This velvety serum with a subtle honey vanilla aroma is lightweight and hard working, yet free from fragrance allergens, essential oils, photo-sensitizers, gluten, alcohol, fillers, and nuts. You get gorgeous moisture while smoothing, balancing and strengthening the lipid barrier.

  • Pomegranate, arctic Cranberry, Camellia, Hemp, Nepalese Goji, and natural Vitamin E to provide heightened defense against photo-aging. 
  • High performance alpine Sea Buckthorn Berry, arctic Cloudberry and Rosehip provide skin beautifying nutrients for an instantly luminous complexion. 
  • Our uniquely encapsulated phospholipids from Shiitake and Chamomile promote hydrophilic plumping of the skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.
  • Arnica Montana flower from Alpine meadows combats puffiness. 


If your skin is not sensitive, you may prefer The Alpine Phytonutrient Serum with essential oils as the second step, a powerhouse of 20 pure certified organic botanicals.

Using the Snow Rose Recovery Mask once a week also makes a huge difference in purifying the skin and exfoliating. Products absorb better and with consistent use you’ll see a reduction in pore size from debris-free skin.


Stay well, stay home, and take care of your skin for your inevitable reemergence into society!

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