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Life in the Alpenglow

Inspired by the active outdoor lifestyle and pristine landscape of Telluride, Colorado, TellurideGlow® sprang out of a need to address the only downside of living in this mountain paradise: the extreme climate. At Telluride’s elevation — nearly 9,000 feet—there is less oxygen, low humidity, fierce sun, and extensive snow fall, all of which take a dramatic toll on the skin.


Not wanting to give up the things I love most about living here—skiing, hiking, biking, horseback riding—when I couldn’t find a singular solution to help my skin adapt to this environment, I started making my own elixir. Very quickly, family and friends wanted to know what I was using on my skin, and little by little…bottles of my secret blend began to make their way out of my kitchen, and into the hands of people around the country. And without expecting to start a second career after retiring, just like that, TellurideGlow® was born.

Hands-on Approach

Well, not quite just like that. After getting so many requests for that first product, I decided to get serious, and dedicated myself to learning the formulating process from top to bottom. With the help of micro-formulation chemists and aromatherapists, I studied organic science, toxicology, and product formulation, as well as natural preservation and fragrance blending. I researched ingredient benefits, precautions, and certified organic sourcing, all of which helped me become accredited in organic cosmetic science.


I’ve always been in awe of the wildflowers that flourish above tree line above 12,000 feet, and my studies confirmed that some of the world’s most nutrient-dense plants are found at higher elevations. Their fortitude for survival produces more abundant secondary metabolites, vitamins and  protective phytonutrients. Observing that these tenacious botanicals have already instinctively figured out their formulas to combat the environment, I decided to harness that power in every TellurideGlow formula for the highest recovery and rejuvenation.


Two years later the result was our first product: Alpine Pure Oil. A blend of highly-pure, results driven botanical oils taken from organic and minimally processed higher elevation flowers and plants, this remarkably nurturing and revitalizing oil is forcibly potent skincare for anyone seeking high recovery pampering for their skin. Passion is ageless; TellurideGlow is designed to help people of every age feel great as they live abundant lives.

High Recovery Skincare

Today, TellurideGlow is high recovery skincare for skin of all ages designed to counteract the effects of stress and the environment on the skin. Crafted with botanicals, wildflowers, and plants from around the globe that thrive in higher elevations, this remarkably nurturing and revitalizing skincare promises sophisticated yet understandable products, with unprocessed, absolutely clean ingredients, all energized with dynamic alpine botanicals for healthy, glowing skin at every age.

I formulated TellurideGlow for people who want to look and feel good about themselves, but also want to get out and live life. They spend time outdoors, they travel, they hike, they age—and they don’t let aging stop them from living vibrantly. With TellurideGlow, now they have clean, forcibly potent skincare that supports their skin, and their energetic lifestyle. ~ Mary Alice Heape, Founder & CEO

ALPINE PURE OIL INGREDIENTS: Golden Jojoba Oil*+, Virgin Coconut Oil*+, Rosehip Seed Oil*+, Argan Nut Oil*+, Baobab Seed Oil*+, Evening Primrose Oil*+, Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil+, Vitamin E Oil Natural, Pomegranate Seed Oil*+, Pumpkin Seed Oil*+, Cranberry Seed Oil*+, Plum Seed Oil+,  Moringa Seed Oil*+, Sea Buckthorn Oil*+, Tamanu Nut Oil*+, Arnica Montana Flower+, Mica. Essential Oils: Egyptian Geranium*, High Altitude Lavender*, Ylang Ylang Complete*, Neroli*, Frankincense*, Roman Chamomile*, Sweet Orange*+.

*Certified Organic           +Cold Pressed


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