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Completely magical.


Life at 9,000ft offers some of the country’s most breath-taking beauty and is one of the most sought after vacation spots in the land.


Telluride works hard to maintain its roots and to minimize its impact on the area, while maintaining its status as one of the most prestigious ski resort towns in the USA.


But living in the mountains for months at a time exposed founder and CEO, Mary Alice, to the depleting effects of living 9,000 ft closer to the sun in drier air and more extreme climate conditions.


When she felt the accelerated damage of her own skin, she set out to find a solution. When she couldn’t find one? She created many.


Deeply in love with the wildflowers that thrive on the mountainsides, she began the research that would eventually become the basis of TellurideGlow. Studies show that some of the world’s most nutrient-dense plants are found at higher elevations. And when delivered in whole plant formulas,  the result is magical.


Alpine botanicals develop survival components that produce abundant secondary metabolites, vitamins and protective phytonutrients that also help to increase the powers of regeneration that repair, brighten and firm the skin. 


Observing how these tenacious botanicals have already instinctively figured out how to combat stress, she decided to harness that power in every TellurideGlow formula for the highest skin recovery anywhere.


She began, at first, creating an elixir for herself and Telluride friends. Results were visible and comments rolled in about how great their skin looked.


The community fell in love.

Mary Alice is passionate about sharing products that help people find confidence to wear every age beautifully.


That’s when she decided that there was something to this magic and came out of retirement as a fashion executive to use her health degree, become accredited in organic cosmetic science, and work alongside a micro-formulation chemist to develop an Alpine Oil that would saturate the skin with replenishing moisture, protect the skin barrier, and defend against environmental aggression, everywhere.


She set the foundation standards of utmost quality and efficacy, and after 30+ formulations, found what would truly change the faces of Telluride.


Ingredients are globally curated from mountain regions around the world. She personally researches every botanical to uncover organic certification, plant composition, benefits, origins, harvesting practices, processing methods, and more.


New formulations are unrushed, meticulously developed and take years to formulate, test and complete.


The result is healthy looking, balanced and radiant skin.


Because, while there’s nothing wrong with aging, no one wants to experience skin that ages faster than most.


With TellurideGlow, no one has to.


Passion is Ageless
Glow for Good

A personal note.


This journey has been sprinkled with prayer and soul searching. Did I really want to launch a new career after retirement, and then be prepared to fulfill that time commitment? Then a little prayer for guidance in perfect formulation, and for every client and customer that discovered and embraced our brand. Prayer to use this venture for a way to make a positive impact when I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities.


When I found a local Telluride nonprofit that spoke to my heart — The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program — I was able to share my belief in vibrant living. Learn more about the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program by clicking here. I want every customer to know that they play an important part in supporting this program with every purchase.