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My Telluride Journey

I’ve always had a lifelong interest in wellness and beautiful things. After earning degrees in Journalism and Health, my original career goal was to focus on health information and communications. But like many of us, my path took a turn and instead, I became the president of a national luxury fashion brand based in New York City. As a company for and run by women (98% female), I had the unique opportunity to work closely with women of all ages, and learn about their expectations of themselves, and of the products they bring into their lives and homes.


Over the years my family and I also fell in love with Telluride. Each year we journeyed there for vacation and to enjoy the engaged, outdoor lifestyle. So when the time came for me to retire, it was no surprise to anyone that the mountains called us home, and we decided to live in Telluride for half of the year. Little did I know this change would be the seed for TellurideGlow®.

Passion is Ageless

As a mom and grandmother, my skin is starting to show the marks of a life well lived. And I don’t apologize for that. But with the double whammy of living in a harsh climate of low humidity, extreme temperatures and intense sun, it seemed my skin was on an accelerated track for aging. Aging is fine, but who needs accelerated aging?


Like every woman, I want to be the very best version of myself. For me, that means staying active and engaged with life and giving my skin the right kind of healthy TLC. So when I couldn’t find the skincare I needed to keep up with my mountain life, TellurideGlow® was born: high recovery skincare crafted with organic, minimally processed, higher elevation botanicals that protect while you play and amplify recovery while you rest. I knew if it worked in Telluride, it would work every where. Sharing these solutions, and hearing your remarkable results, is the most gratifying part of this endeavor.


With TellurideGlow, you’ll find clean, easy to understand, plant-based ingredients that are always cold-pressed or steam distilled to preserve freshness and efficacy, and unrefined as possible to help keep your complexion healthy and glowing with real purity. We encourage you to compare our formulas and see the difference. While I never anticipated staring a skincare brand, what thrills me most is to share the amazing results and benefits that TellurideGlow® has to offer with you. TellurideGlow® is available in prestige cosmetic specialty stores, hotels and spas, green beauty outlets, and doctor offices from coast to coast:  Denver, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Nashville, Casper, Telluride, and of course, online. Have you tried TellurideGlow®? I’d love to hear from you!

Glow for Good

Finally, to give credit where due, I believe in prayer. Before starting TellurideGlow®, I prayed whether or not I should launch this new career after retirement, and then be prepared to fulfill that time commitment. For guidance in perfect formulation. For every client and customer that discovered and embraced our brand. Most importantly, I prayed for a way to make a positive impact in this new phase of my life.


When I found a local Telluride nonprofit that spoke to my heart — The Telluride Adaptive Sports Program — I finally found the missing like to give meaning to my new venture, and share my belief in living and embracing every age of our lives vibrantly. Learn more about the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program by clicking here. I want every customer to know that they play an important part in supporting this program with every purchase.

ALPINE PURE OIL INGREDIENTS: Golden Jojoba Oil*+, Virgin Coconut Oil*+, Rosehip Seed Oil*+, Argan Nut Oil*+, Baobab Seed Oil*+, Evening Primrose Oil*+, Arctic Cloudberry Seed Oil+, Vitamin E Oil Natural, Pomegranate Seed Oil*+, Pumpkin Seed Oil*+, Cranberry Seed Oil*+, Plum Seed Oil+,  Moringa Seed Oil*+, Sea Buckthorn Oil*+, Tamanu Nut Oil*+, Arnica Montana Flower+, Mica. Essential Oils: Egyptian Geranium*, High Altitude Lavender*, Ylang Ylang Complete*, Neroli*, Frankincense*, Roman Chamomile*, Sweet Orange*+.

*Certified Organic           +Cold Pressed


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